• Best in the bedroom: Survey reveals tradesmen make the best lovers

    | by Thegz Savvides

    It’s like an old wives’ tale that tradesmen are good with their hands, so we wanted to put that to the test. This kind of research is certainly different to the sort of thing we usually do here at MaterialsMarket.com but we know this kind of fun study will appeal to our customers – many of whom are tradespeople. 

    The results were very insightful – it was revealed that three quarters (74%) of tradespeople are more ’skilled’ with their hands than other professions. 

    We surveyed 2,000 people from across the UK to collate the data and asked the participants to spill the beans on their love lives and how good their partners are between the sheets. We asked all of those surveyed what jobs their partners do and to rate their overall bedroom experiences.

    The full list of the top 20 professions that make the best lovers, as voted by Brits are:

    1. Plasterer
    2. Electrician
    3. Teacher
    4. Mechanic
    5. Builder
    6. Graphic designer
    7. Architect
    8. Plumber
    9. Personal trainer
    10. Accountant
    11. Gardener
    12. Carpenter
    13. Mortgage adviser 
    14. Nurse
    15. Chef
    16. Cleaner
    17. Dentist
    18. Retail assistant
    19. Call centre operator 
    20. Lawyer

    We had fun conducting this survey and we hope this story brings a laugh to the workplace. Not only that, perhaps the findings might help singletons in their search for a potential partner, as who knows maybe a profession is much more than just a job!

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