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9x2 treated C24 timber surpasses lower-grade timbers, such as C16, in terms of strength and durability, offering enhanced load-bearing capabilities. The superior quality of C24 timber is evidenced by its composition, which includes significantly fewer physical defects and knots. Ideal for structural applications, including floor joists, roofing, and timber frame stud walls, our 9x2 sawn timber is precisely cut to length and undergoes pressure treatment with protective chemicals. This treatment shields the timber from insect attacks and fungal decay, ensuring long-lasting performance and reliability.

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What Is 9x2 Timber? 

9x2 timber is a robust and versatile material used in various structural applications in construction. Characterised by its C24 grade, this type of timber boasts a higher density and fewer defects compared to lower grades such as C16. The enhanced strength and reliability of C24 timber make it an excellent choice for load-bearing purposes, including the construction of floor and roof joists, as well as timber framing. 

Its superior durability is particularly advantageous in environments where the timber may be exposed to heavier loads, ensuring both safety and longevity in the structural integrity of buildings.

Overall, 9x2 carcassing timber is perfect for first-fix structural applications such as floor joists, roof joists, and timber framing construction. For reference, the term 'first-fix' essentially entails the construction work required to take a structure from its foundation to the stage of applying internal surfaces - typically the plastering of internal walls.

We stock 9x2 timber in lengths of 3.6m, 4.2m, 4.8m, 6m and 7.2m - these are also available for delivery in packs of 55.

Please note: timber is a natural product that may vary in colour, visual details, knots, grain, and texture.

What Is 9x2 Timber Used For?

  • Stud walls
  • Joists - roofs, floors and decking
  • Structural and general joinery applications
  • Timber framing construction

9x2 Timber Benefits 

  • Stress graded to a superior C24 standard - excellent tensile strength
  • Particularly efficient at bearing heavy loads and spanning wider areas
  • Planed on all four sides with rounded edges - easy handling
  • High-density
  • Pressure treated with Tanalith 'E' - helps to prevent rot and protect from moisture 
  • Kiln dried to remove moisture 
  • Resists decay and insect attacks
  • The most durable timber option which offers extra stability, making it ideal for outdoor use
  • Thanks to its treated nature, treated timber is also low-maintenance
  • You won't have to spend time and money regularly maintaining it

9x2 Timber Sizing Explained

9x2 timber is most often measured in inches, which is an imperial measurement, though it is sometimes measured in metric and this is where millimetres (mm) come into play. 

The sizing of 9x2 timber is considered to be either:

  • Nominal Size: 47mm x 225mm
  • Finished Size: 45mm x 220mm

This slight discrepancy is accounted for by the way the timber is cut and prepared. The difference in the two sizes is minuscule and should not make a meaningful difference to your project. At Materials Market, we sell the finished size (45mm x 220mm). 

9x2 Timber Treatment 

Tanalith E is applied to 9x2 timber through a process called pressure treatment. During this process, timber is placed in a closed cylinder, and the Tanalith E solution is forced into the wood under high pressure. 

This method ensures deep penetration of the preservative, providing long-lasting protection throughout the entire piece of timber.

Tanalith E is a popular type of wood preservative used in the treatment of timber. It's a water-based solution that includes copper and triazole compounds as active ingredients. This preservative is highly effective at protecting wood from fungal decay, wood rot, and wood-boring insects. 

Frequently Asked 9x2 Questions

Can You Burn 9x2 Pressure-Treated Wood?

Under no circumstances should pressure-treated wood be set alight. The fumes released when pressure-treated wood burns can be harmful to health and the ash itself is toxic.

We advise against using pressure-treated wood for making any form of food preparation surface due to this toxicity.

Is It Possible To Paint 9x2 Timber C24?

Pressure-treated wood can be painted or stained, but to get a finish that lasts and looks premium, you'll first need to evaluate the moisture content of the timber.

Once you are sure the timber is dry, you can then move on to using a suitable primer and paint finish. We recommend using a latex primer with compatible exterior latex paint—water-based paint. Oil-based paints are not recommended.

How Should I Store 9x2 Treated Timber? 

C24 timber should be stored indoors away from direct sunlight to prevent timber shrinkage/expansion. 

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