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A 5 panel door is a type of internal door featuring 5 inset rectangles/squares. It can be made from different materials such as wood, MDF, PVC or metal. These doors are particularly popular in traditional and colonial-style homes but can also be used in modern homes for a vintage look. We stock a wide selection of finishes, colours and styles to ensure you find the right fit for your project.

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What Are Five Panel Doors?

Five panel doors are a type of interior door that feature five panels in their design. The panels are typically arranged in a variety of different patterns, with the most common being a raised panel design. The raised panel design features a centre panel that is raised above the surrounding panels and is often decorated with decorative moulding. The other panels are usually flat. 

They can be painted, stained or varnished to match the colour scheme of the room. These types of doors are often used in bedrooms and bathrooms, as well as in hallways, closets, and other interior spaces.

Enhance your property's style with our collection of bold, modern 5-panel interior doors. Our designs boast sleek and simple finishes that are guaranteed to elevate your space. Choose from clean, minimalistic options to doors that serve as a stunning focal point.

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5 Panel Doors Specifications

  • Clean and contemporary finish
  • Available in a range of finishes and designs
  • You can hang your doors as soon as they arrive
  • A charming focal feature that adds a finishing touch
  • Great design addition to any style of home

Frequently Asked 5 Panel Doors Questions

How Old Are 5 Panel Doors? 

The 5-panel door, a sophisticated version of the conventional 4-panel door, made its appearance in the 1890s and was widely used for around 30 to 40 years. 

Its defining features include the use of various kinds of wood such as pine, fir, chestnut, ash, oak, and butternut, resulting in a one-of-a-kind natural finish not seen on other doors.

What Do Fire Doors Do?

Fire doors play a crucial role in protecting lives and reducing damage to buildings and neighbouring structures by:

  • Confining the fire to the room where it originated
  • Keeping clear escape routes, such as hallways, clear - giving building occupants more time to evacuate and ensuring easier access for firefighters
  • Preventing further damage to the rest of the building, its contents, and neighbouring structures

What Are FD30 Fire Doors?

FD30 is a fire resistance classification indicating that a door can withstand fire for at least 30 minutes. After that, it's possible that the door may no longer be able to prevent the spread of fire. 

While 30 minutes provides ample time for evacuation, it's not enough to gather belongings. It's crucial to emphasize that quick evacuation is key to safety.

Can I Wedge My Fire Door Open?

Fire doors must never be blocked open using props or wedges as this prevents the door from closing in the event of a fire. 

A safe and compliant way to keep fire doors open is by installing a fire door holder or retainer. These devices can be easily attached to existing doors and allow them to be held open at any angle. They meet regulations as they automatically release the door when the fire alarm sounds, thus halting the spread of fire. 

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