Insulation Support Fixings

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Insulation support fixings, also known as insulation hangers or insulation supports, are specialised fasteners designed to provide support and stability to insulation materials in various applications. They are specifically used to hold insulation in place, preventing it from sagging, shifting, or detaching from the surface it is installed. Insulation support fixings are commonly used in HVAC (Heating, Ventilation, and Air Conditioning) systems, construction projects, and industrial applications where maintaining the integrity and performance of insulation is crucial.

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What Are Insulation Support Fixings? 

Insulation support fixings play a critical role in ensuring the proper installation, stability, and performance of insulation materials within the building envelope. 

By securely holding insulation in place, these fixings contribute to enhanced energy efficiency, reduced heat transfer, improved moisture protection, and overall building performance. 

Whether used in external walls, roofs, floors, or mechanical systems, insulation support fixings are essential components that help create more sustainable, comfortable, and energy-efficient buildings.

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