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When it comes to completing wall lining, partition, floor, and ceiling specifications, professionals across the construction and design industries demand products that not only meet their exacting standards but also provide versatility and exceptional performance. This is where Thistle Plaster, offered by British Gypsum, truly shines. Over the years, Thistle finishing plaster has become synonymous with high-quality plaster products that meet the evolving needs and project list requirements of architects, builders, and interior designers. Regardless of the size and complexity of your project, Thistle Plaster delivers the superior finish and versatility required for seamless, stunning interiors. 

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What is Thistle Plaster? 

Thistle plaster is a premium plaster product renowned for its exceptional quality and versatility in construction and interior design. 

Manufactured by British Gypsum, a company with a rich history dating back to 1896, Thistle plaster has become a hallmark of excellence in the industry. This specialised plaster is designed to create smooth and flawless interior surfaces, making it the preferred choice for professionals when lining walls, partitioning spaces, and finishing ceilings and floors. 

Thistle plaster offers a seamless and elegant finish, which serves as a perfect canvas for decorative treatments. Beyond aesthetics, Thistle plaster also contributes to improved indoor air quality, enhanced durability, and the ability to create interactive and creative surfaces. 

Its adaptability to various project specifications and its proven track record make Thistle plaster a top choice for those seeking both beauty and performance in their construction and design endeavours.

Types of Thistle Plaster 

Where Is Thistle Plaster Used? 

  • Internal Walls & Ceilings: Whether you're covering brick, block, or plasterboard, Thistle plasters can be seamlessly applied to create an impeccable interior wall and ceiling finish.
  • Decorative Elements: Thistle plasters help to achieve smooth, seamless surfaces ready for decorative treatment. 
  • Restoration: Preserve the heritage of historical buildings by using Thistle Plaster for repair and restoration work. Its compatibility with traditional construction methods ensures a harmonious blend of old and new.

Thistle Plaster Key Benefits 

  • Versatile products and solutions - Thistle Multi-Finish is suitable for use on a variety of backgrounds. 
  • Caters to both low to medium suction backgrounds(ThistleMulti-Finish and Bonding Coat) and high suction backgrounds (Thistle Hardwall). 
  • Easy to apply and leaves a smooth finish. 
  • Durable base for the application of decorative finishes. 

Frequently Asked Thistle Plaster Questions

How Thick Should Plaster Be Applied? 

Undercoat plasters are typically 11mm and the majority of finish coat plasters are 2mm thick.

How To Store Thistle Plaster? 

Bags should be stored in a dry environment, away from moisture - water exposure can result in lumps forming within the mix.

If you plan on storing the bags on a concrete floor, we advise that you use dry timber platforms to elevate the bags away from the potentiality of moisture. 

Can Tiles Be Directly Applied to Thistle Plaster? 

Yes, tiles up to 20kg/m2 can be applied directly to the Thistle finish. If your aim is to provide a background for tiles, ensure you don't polish the surface beforehand. Should the surface already be polished, you should make sure to roughen this and make use of a suitable primer. 

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