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The MF Ceiling System is a lightweight metal framing (MF) system designed for use with plasterboard. The components are used to create a suspended frame onto which plasterboard can be fixed. The system consists of three main parts, a Ceiling Channel (MF5), Perimeter Channel (MF6A) and Primary Channel (MF7). These must be installed in conjunction with each other and they are held together using Metal Furring Clips (MF9).

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What Is An MF Ceiling System?

MF Ceiling Systems refer to a series of components that are used to make up metal frame plasterboard ceilings. MF Ceilings are suspended ceilings and form part of a larger drywall system. Suspended ceiling systems have many benefits, primarily that they give a smooth finish to the internal ceiling and provide space for lighting wires, insulation and other services. Access panels can be fitted to allow access if required.

What Components Make Up An MF Ceiling System? 

MF plasterboard ceilings are comprised of a number of components that must be installed together in order to create the overall suspended MF ceiling system. 

MF ceiling systems are made up of: 

  • A ceiling channel (MF5)
  • Perimeter support (MF6A) 
  • Primary channel (MF7)

All of which are manufactured by putting a coil of steel through a cold rolling machine. These components all come in a 3.6m length and are held together by a galvanised steel clip (also called MF9 Furring Clips). It is necessary to install all these components together for the ceiling system to retain its structural strength and work correctly.

Here at Materials Market, we supply all of the above components including primary and perimeter channels right down to the connecting clips to ensure your finished structure stands up well. 

What Are The Benefits Of MF Ceiling Systems? 

  • The opportunity for high design flexibility - bulkheads, gradients, and changes in height may all be incorporated
  • During design or installation, it is simple to add inspection and access points
  • Compatible with a variety of lining solutions so you can tailor your project as you see fit
  • Compatible with both standard and performance plasterboard (such as British Gypsum, Knauf etc) 
  • Conveniently conceals unsightly electrical wires and pipework 
  • Resistance to moisture

Metal Frame Plasterboard Ceilings

Once the MF ceiling steel channel components have been used to create a framework, plasterboard is required to achieve a seamless finish. Fire Rated Plasterboard comes in both a 12.5mm and 15mm thickness and is commonly used in MF ceiling systems to slow the spread of fire from one floor to the next. You can fix the fire protection board to the MF ceiling framework using screws. Once the plasterboard ceiling is securely in place, a range of decorative finishes can be applied.

We have a page dedicated entirely to plasterboard on our site, should you be hunting down a particular type to meet a specific requirement. We stock fire-resistant plasterboard from the UK's three main manufacturers of fire-rated plasterboard;  Knauf Drywall, British Gypsum and Siniat.) 

MF Ceiling Applications

The MF ceiling system is used to create a suspended ceiling, which is commonplace in both residential and commercial projects. Many areas of a building are suitable for a suspended ceiling system that can accommodate a range of services in the ceiling void. To install an MF ceiling, ensure that you use an appropriate fixing to attach the ceiling grid to the structural soffit.

Frequently Asked MF Ceiling System Questions

What Are The Aesthetic Benefits Of An MF Ceiling System? 

Although they may appear to be simple white ceilings, MF ceiling systems are far more versatile than you'd expect. They have the ability to blend well with numerous different interior designs and decors, thanks to this same simplicity. You can use whatever decorating style your project demands; the ceiling's smooth finish allows you to completely customize it. Whether you want to add acoustic panels or just make it look pretty, the MF Ceiling System is perfect for your next project.

What Decorative Finishes Can Be Applied To My MF Ceiling System? 

A dry-lined wall is essentially the same as any other type of wall, giving you full decorative flexibility. Whether you prefer to paint, vinyl, or wallpaper your ceiling, an MF ceiling system offers a blank canvas on which you can personalise and customise as you would any other wall. 

Whichever method you end up going for, in all cases we recommend joining your plasterboard before applying your final finish.

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