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A wall plug is a small typically plastic or nylon anchor that is inserted into a drilled hole in a wall to provide a secure base for screws or nails to be screwed in. They are commonly used when hanging heavy objects such as shelves, mirrors and picture frames onto solid walls.

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A wall plug often called an anchor or "Rawlplug" is a plastic insert that allows you to secure a screw into materials that are brittle and not capable of supporting weight by themselves. 

“Rawlplug” the manufacturer has fast become the “Hoover” of wall plug products. Although people commonly refer to wall plugs as "Rawlplugs", this is a brand name established after the founder: John Joseph Rawlings. 

No matter what you call them, they are an absolute necessity when hanging cabinets, mirrors, and shelves - or anything else you can think to fix onto your plasterboard walls. 

Types of Wall Plugs

With so many options available on the market, deciphering between wall plug types can be difficult. Colour is often used to differentiate plugs but since various brands use different colours this isn't an accurate way of shopping. 

Common varieties you will find include yellow, brown and red plastic wall plugs; however, there are also blue, grey and white versions if desired. 

Let's narrow the search together and explore the 3 most common types of wall plugs below. 

Plasterboard Wall Plugs 

Plasterboard wall plugs provide a rock-solid support system for bolts and screws; when the screw is inserted, these plugs will expand or pull back from the other side of the hollow substrate in order to ensure that your hanging load is evenly distributed.

Some models include an additional rotation mechanism that offers enhanced stability for heavier objects.

For other wall fixings and fasteners please refer to our Screws & Fixings homepage

Butterfly Wall Plugs

With wings reminiscent of a butterfly, it's no surprise the nylon wall plug has come to be known as 'The Butterfly Wall Plug.' 

The ideal choice for hollow walls/hollow materials, this plug can securely support lighter items such as mirrors, frames and even paintings. When you need something lightweight hung up in your home or office – The Butterfly Wall Plug should fit the bill!

Universal Wall Plugs

The revolutionary universal nylon wall plug is now obtainable in various forms, allowing secure installation of your wall-mounted pieces. As you screw the plugs into place, they expand - locking themselves deeply and firmly into whatever material they are screwed to.

The universal wall plug is an ideal solution for masonry walls that require secure anchorage. After creating a hole via a power drill, the plug can be easily tapped into place with your fingertips.

Installing A Wall Plug

Installing a wall plug involves drilling a hole in the desired surface and inserting the appropriate anchor into it. It is important to ensure that the plug is securely inserted into the hole before attempting to hang any heavy item on it. 

Depending on the type of anchor used, additional steps such as hammering or using a screwdriver may be required for secure installation. Using the correct wall plug for the job is essential for ensuring that an object stays securely fastened to the wall. 

Once the wall plug is securely installed, it can be used to hang your desired object. Before hanging a heavy item, make sure that the anchor can withstand its weight - check the packaging for information on the maximum load capacity of each wall plug. 

When attaching the object to the wall plug, use screws that are appropriate in size and length - this will ensure secure fastening. 

After installation is complete, make sure that the object is firmly fixed onto the wall before releasing it.

Frequently Asked Wall Plugs Questions

What Is A Cavity Fixing?

To protect both your walls and the heavy items you wish to affix, a cavity fixing is essential. A cavity fixing firmly secures any object onto hollow or cavity walls, or even ceilings with utmost reliability and strength. 

What Sizes Of Wall plugs Are Available?

Here at Materials Market, we stock the following plug drill sizes: 

  • Yellow: 5mm.

  • Red: 6mm.

  • Brown: 7mm. 

How Do I Choose The Right Wall Plug For My Project?

When selecting wall plugs, the most important elements to consider are the material of your intended surface, the weight of what you plan on attaching, and the size of any pre-existing drilled hole. Ultimately, it's essential that these factors match up with each other for a successful installation.

Can Wall Plugs Be Used In All Types Of Walls? 

Wall plugs can be used in most types of walls, including brick, concrete, plasterboard, and drywall. However, it is important to choose the appropriate wall plug and drill bit size for the specific wall material.

What Are Frame Fixings? 

Frame fixings are an efficient and accurate way to securely attach uPVC, wood, or metal frames to timber or masonry surfaces. These fixtures have a long plastic plug design that makes them quick and easy-to-use; they’re ideal for window frames and door installations in particular. 

What Are Some Heavy Duty Plasterboard Fixings? 

  • Toggle Bolts
  • Hollow Wall Anchors
  • Spring Toggles

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