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Increasing property value and beautifying your outdoor space is as simple as adopting the right landscaping supplies. Aside from the monetary and aesthetic benefits, a well-executed landscape design can also safeguard your property from damages caused by environmental concerns such as flooding, soil erosion and rockslides. Here, at Materials Market, we offer nationwide delivery on an extensive range of landscape supplies including Fencing, Decking, and Sand & Aggregates.

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What Are Landscaping Supplies?

Landscape construction services are broadly classified into two types: hardscapes and softscapes.


Crafting the perfect outdoor space begins with hardscape design - the art of combining non-living elements into a cohesive landscape. Landscaping materials such as timber fencing, rockeries, ponds, stone, and pavers, are the most commonly utilised hardscape.

These elements serve as the base for softscape landscaping elements such as vegetation and foliage.


Soft landscaping encompasses all the natural and decorative elements of your garden, ranging from plants and flower beds to hedges to turf. Whether you're looking for a pop of colour or lush greenery, soft landscaping is the cherry on top of the man-made features in your garden.

Popular Landscaping Supplies

Fences and Walls

Defining the borders of your outdoor space will give a polished and finished look while segmenting the garden into different areas, allowing each element to truly stand out.

Garden edging offers a simple yet effective solution to keeping your flowerbeds and plant life in check. By forming a border, you ensure that plants don't overgrow beyond desired limits. Trellises also present an excellent way of partitioning areas and creating more privacy, as they provide the perfect foundation upon which trailing climbing plants can wind their way around!

Pathways & Patios

Installing pathways and patios can help tie together all different aspects of your outdoor space- from the front door to the garden or BBQ area. 

Durable and attractive, brick, paving stones, or flagstones can create stunning pathways. Not only will these landscaping elements offer practical solutions, but they'll also add stunning visual appeal! To further enhance this, decorative aggregates are the perfect accent stones for your pathways.

Here, at Materials Market, we supply bulk bags of decorative aggregates such as pea shingle, as well as a huge range of other landscaping products. 

Frequently Asked Landscaping Questions

What Are Some Essential Landscaping Tools & Equipment? 

Having the right tool for the job is the best way to ensure premium results. Below are a few examples of some landscaping can't-do-withouts: 

  • Spade/ Transplant spade
  • Long handled shovel
  • Post hole digger
  • Trowel
  • Garden fork 

How Much Does It Cost To Hire A Garden Designer?

The cost of a garden project depends on its scope and size. Most landscape designers offer quotes in advance so that you can make an informed decision. 

What Is The Best Time of Year For Landscaping?

Many individuals prefer to complete gardening or landscaping work during the cooler months of autumn, winter and early spring when they are less likely to spend time in their gardens. However, it is feasible (and even advantageous) to do such tasks in summer as well; for instance, your driveway may be free due to a family holiday in the summer, meaning you can come back to a renovated garden (should you choose to have the work carried out by professionals).

Will Landscaping Make Gardening Generally Easier? 

Undoubtedly, a beautifully landscaped garden will often comprise numerous thoughtful components that minimise tedious gardening tasks. For instance, edging can keep gravel in its designated place, creating a more uniform aesthetic. 

Implementing mulch in your landscaping endeavours can also be a great way to keep pesky weeds under control and maintain your garden.

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