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7x2 Timber Treated C24

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At Materials Market, we're firm believers that prevention is better than cure. 7 x 2 treated timber (sometimes called 175x50 carcassing timber) is a quality C24 grade timber which perfectly demonstrates this point; it's pressure-treated to prevent insect and fungi attacks that would otherwise be costly to repair. We supply high-quality 7 x 2 C24 timber, which comes in 3m, 3.6m, 4.2m, 4.8m and 6m lengths. Longer lengths of 7.2m are available on request.

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What Is 7x2 Wood Used For?

There is a multitude of uses for 7 x 2 C24 graded timber as it is an incredibly versatile construction material suited to both indoor and outdoor use. 

C24 timber is regularised for ease of handling and structural purposes such as: 

  • Structural and general joinery purposes 
  • Stud walls
  • Roof joists
  • Floors
  • Decks 
  • Diagonal joists
  • Garden furniture and other outdoor projects 

7x2 Timber Benefits 

  • Pressure-treated to resist rot, mould and decay.
  • Versatile application ensures project flexibility. 
  • Suited to both indoor and outdoor use. 
  • C24 graded - more structurally reliable than C16 timber. 
  • Regularised for ease of handling. 

7x2 Timber Sizing Explained

7x2 timber is most often measured in inches, which is an imperial measurement, though it is sometimes measured in metric and this is where millimetres (mm) come into play. 

The sizing of 7x2 timber is considered to be either:

  • Nominal Size: 47mm x 175mm
  • Finished Size: 45mm x 170mm

This slight discrepancy is accounted for by the way the timber is cut and prepared. The difference in the two sizes is minuscule and should not make a meaningful difference to your project. At Materials Market, we sell the finished size (45mm x 170mm). 

Frequently Asked 7x2 Questions

Can I Paint 7x2 Timber C24?

It’s certainly possible to paint treated timber but an important thing to remember is that treated timber should not be painted immediately after it has been purchased.

When shipped, most 7 x 2 C24 timber is still “wet” and time is needed for the chemicals to settle and dry. 

In terms of time, it can be up to a few weeks before it is dry and ready to be used. This is largely dependent on where the wood is being stored. 

If there is too much heat or direct sunlight, this can cause the timber to warp rather than dry out. Conversely, damp conditions can lengthen the drying out period, prolonging the time before work can begin.

Is It Easy To Cut C24 Graded Timber To My Preferred Size?

Treated wood can be readily cut to your desired length, however, this should only be done with the right equipment, eye protection, and a respirator since the cutting process releases tiny airborne particles of wood, possibly impregnated with the chemicals used in pressure-treating.

Treated wood also cuts a little more like wet wood so some extra care should be afforded to ensure the blade doesn’t slip while cutting.

What's The Difference Between 7x2 Treated Timber & 7x2 Sawn Timber?

Sawn timber is wood that has been cut to the required dimensions but hasn't yet been pressure treated and kiln dried.

Pressure-treated timber, otherwise known as tanalised timber (due to the Tanalith E wood preservative that impregnates the wood) provides many benefits, such as resistance to the elements.

The goal of pressure treating wood is to force preservative chemicals deep into the timber's cellular structure. This pressure treatment process will often include copper and organic co-biocides, which help to repel both insects and moisture.
Please note: timber is a natural product that may vary in colour, visual details, knots, grain, and texture.

Treated Timber Benefits

There is an abundance of timber types available on the market from sawn treated timber, untreated timber and sawn carcassing timber. No matter your project, it is essential to always use good quality treated timber as timber is usually located in places that are not easy to get to. This means we usually have no way of knowing if parts of the structure are under attack from insects or dampness.

With C24 graded timber, you won't need to pay mind to 'checking in' on the timber, as its pressure treatment renders it unaffected by both fungal and insect attack. Essentially meaning, it can fend for itself without you maintaining it. 

Here are just a handful of the benefits on offer with treated timber:  

  • It is treated to resist rot, decay and insect attacks
  • The most durable timber option, making it ideal for outdoor use
  • Thanks to its treated nature, treated timber is also low-maintenance
  • You won't have to spend time and money regularly maintaining it

Is 7x2 Treated Timber Environmentally Responsible?

We take great care to ensure that all of our treated timber available for purchase is Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) or Programme for the Endorsement of Forest Certification (PEFC) certified, which means the timber that we stock is responsibly sourced from environmentally friendly sources.

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