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Reduce noise pollution with the simplest of efforts by installing soundproof plasterboard. Sometimes called acoustic plasterboards, or noise-reducing plasterboards, soundproof plasterboard prevents sound energy from travelling between rooms. As the boards are a lot denser than standard plasterboard, the sound gets trapped within the board as it passes through. Here at Materials Market, you can browse our full range of the biggest industry names to find the perfect soundproof plasterboard for your project.

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What is Soundproof Acoustic Plasterboard?

Soundproof acoustic plasterboard goes through a different manufacturing process to standard plasterboard, resulting in a much higher density core. It is this core which lends itself to the reduction of noise pollution; as sound energy struggles to travel through it, allowing for a noise reduction of between 30-50 decibels.

Acoustic plasterboard manufacturers tend to use layers of dense soundproof foam, fibreglass, or mass-loaded vinyl. 

You can add mass-loaded vinyl between two layers of plasterboard for a soundproofing project as it's simple to do, however, it is a touch costly. The more mass, the more effective the sound blocking. 

Where To Use Acoustic Plasterboard?

There are several places where using soundproofing solutions can make a big difference to your quality of living: 

  • Your bedroom: this is where people want to eliminate as much external noise as possible in order to get to sleep. It is also where they will not want airborne sounds to escape from due to privacy and snoring sounds. 
  • Ceilings: installing acoustic plasterboard here can help to reduce impact noise from above. This can be handy when living in a flat with upstairs neighbours who may be quite heavy-footed or who may not have much floor insulation in their rooms, leading to every noise becoming an aggravation.
  • A party wall (a wall you share with another house): this can prevent your neighbour's noise from bleeding into your home. 
  • Hotels and hostels: in places where there is a cluster of bedrooms, soundproof plasterboard helps to dampen sound, allowing a peaceful night's rest for occupants. 

Acoustic Plasterboard vs Standard Plasterboard

Acoustic plasterboard is denser than regular plasterboard. It is also blue in colour. This is because of the properties infused into the gypsum during the manufacturing process, and the colour of the paper strip used to differentiate it from other types of plasterboard which have different properties. Moisture resistant plasterboard for example has a green colour and fire rated plasterboard has a pink tinge.

Soundproof plasterboard is exactly the same tapered edge and thickness as normal plasterboard, despite the extra density, so the plasterboards can be mixed and matched interchangeably, depending on what your requirements are for the area that you are working on.

Does Soundproof Plasterboard Work?

Sound block plasterboard can markedly reduce the noise levels that penetrate the walls of a room, in either direction. 

It can make a real difference to the quality of life in houses, student accommodation, hostels and hotels where there is likely to be a lot of sound transfer, such as snoring or noisy neighbours.

Soundproofing plasterboard is one of the most cost-effective ways you can enhance the sound insulation in your home. It won't completely sound proof your home but the noise permeation will be drastically reduced, by up to 50 decibels, in fact. 

For example, a 100-decibel noise like a lawnmower, leaf blower or jackhammer would reduce to around the same volume as a quiet conversation, office background noise or refrigerator. 

That is a significant reduction and it, therefore, says a lot for the acoustic properties of plasterboard that it can be reduced to such an extent. It is a great choice for those looking to achieve greater levels of sound reduction. 

Frequently Asked Soundproof Plasterboard Questions

Frequently Asked Questions about Soundproof Plasterboard

How Thick Is Soundproof Plasterboard?

Acoustic plasterboard comes in exactly the same thicknesses as normal plasterboard so can be used alongside it without a problem. 

The core is denser, rather than thicker, thus preventing sound from travelling through it to the same extent as normal gypsum plasterboard. 

Soundproof acoustic plasterboard comes in thicknesses of 12.5mm and 15mm, with a consistent size of 2400mm x 1200mm across all thicknesses. Depending on the brand and thickness, the boards also exhibit some thermal conductivity and thermal resistance. 

Is Soundproof Plasterboard Fireproof?

Acoustic plasterboard is not fire-rated which means a fire could spread through the building far more easily than if its progress had been impeded by fire-rated plasterboard

It is often the case that junction boxes and rooms with electrical equipment are constructed using fire-resistant plasterboard with a class 0 fire rating, as this allows the spread of the fire to be contained for a period of time to allow safe evacuation or action to extinguish the fire. 

Can You Paint Soundproof Plasterboard?

Yes, paint can either be applied directly to the acoustic plasterboard or it can be plastered and then painted. Intumescent fire-rated paint can also be applied as this will add a measure of fire resistance that would otherwise not be there.

How Do I Fit Acoustic Plasterboard?

Acoustic plasterboard can be installed in exactly the same way as normal plasterboard, by using adhesives or screws. 

Hammering will likely damage the structural integrity of the boards, so that is not an option. Remember to always hang plasterboard with the grain running horizontally in order to maintain its strength and durability.

It’s very important to measure and mark the wall lining where the stud wall is behind the panels so that it is easier to affix the boards both flush and securely to the structure of the building. 

From there it is simply a case of positioning the boards as required and driving in the screws needed to keep the boards in place.

What Is The Price Of Soundproof Plasterboard?

Soundboard plasterboard ranges in price depending on the dimensions and the manufacturer. It is generally marginally cheaper than fire-rated plasterboard but this does depend on the size.

Here at Materials Market, we offer competitive prices on big-name brands such as Knauf Tapered Edge Gypsum Plasterboard, and Gyproc Tapered Edge Gypsum Plasterboard. 

Even though acoustic plasterboard costs more than normal plasterboard, it is worth buying if you are concerned about noise levels from neighbours or would just like the peace of mind that comes from knowing you will be able to sleep quietly.

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