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While most will associate staples with office supplies and stationery (an association coined by Staples UK, the leading provider of business products and office supplies in Europe), staples are an indispensable part of the construction industry. Construction staples are a reliable and efficient fastening solution for all your construction projects, consisting of two interconnected prongs in the shape of a U. Whether you need to attach wood panels or secure insulation material, these metal staples will get the job done quickly and effectively.

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Versatility is an understatement when it comes to the staple. Catering to a host of applications, from small upholstery tasks to more substantial subflooring endeavours, you'll find a suitable fastener for any project.

As such, it's fundamental that you select the right staple in order to optimise your results - taking into account the size of crowns and points, wire gauge thickness as well as the various coatings available on the market.

To attach materials like masonry, roofing sheets and corrugated boxes with extra strength, large staples can be employed either with a hammer or staple gun/staplers.

In terms of general applications, wire staples are routinely utilised by cabinet shops to temporarily secure wood pieces together until the glue has cured. In some cases, these staples even act as a main fastening agent for joints. Additionally, they can be used to affix fabric upholstery onto wooden frames and various other furniture units with ease.

We stock a wide range of fastening solutions to help you create a strong and reliable build. We aim to partner our customers with the best products to ensure the best results.

Construction Staples Applications

Staples tend to work behind the scenes within a given application due to the fact that they are typically concealed and do not serve an aesthetic purpose.

Let's take a below at some of the most common applications in which staples are utilised:

  • Securing roof and floor sheathing
  • Fixing roofing felt and house wrap
  • Installing carpet
  • Fixing insulation
  • Rounded crown fasteners can secure cables and wiring within walls or along baseboards

Frequently Asked Staples Questions

Are Staples Rust Proof?

When on a budget, galvanised steel staples are an excellent choice for indoor projects since they won't be in contact with moisture or other substances. 

However, it is important to note that if exposed to excessive amounts of moisture or salt water over time, these types of staples may corrode and rust.

What's The Difference Between Nail Guns & Staplers?

Staplers and nail guns serve the same purpose - they both secure objects together. However, each tool is unique in its own way; staplers contain a two-legged fastener with a crown that remains visible upon embedding into a surface, while nails tend to be single pointed.

Both tools have their place when it comes to construction projects, so having both on hand allows you to take advantage of various job opportunities.

In What Way Are Staples Better Than Nails?

Staples lend an unrivalled finishing touch for projects where nails don't quite make the cut.

Their greatest benefit is how fast and effortless using them is; with a staple gun, it's possible to install four in the time it would take to hammer one nail!

For those small, visible furniture components and features, nails are the way to go. However, when it comes to larger pieces such as sectionals and furniture frames, trusty staples are your best bet.

Furthermore, while nails are the preferred fastener for shingles, staples can be used to speed up installation and reduce weight on your underlayment. To ensure a secure hold that equals that of nails, it is vital to get the angle of entry correct.

Are Staples Suitable For Recycling? 

Yes, it is possible to recycle all forms of staples, so long as you make a note of the materials from which they are made. 

For example, steel staples can be recycled along with steel household waste such as cans and pots.

Are Staples Biodegradable? 

As staples are usually constructed of metal, microorganisms are unable to decompose them. Steel staples may corrode over time but they will not break down biologically.

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