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When you buy pallets of insulation you save significantly on the overall cost per unit, allowing you to purchase more insulation and get better value for your money. Additionally, buying insulation in bulk eliminates the hassle of having to shop around or compare prices between different suppliers, saving you time and money. Furthermore, pallets of insulation reduce the risk of product quality issues due to fewer deliveries and less chance of transportation damage. 

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Why Buy Insulation Pallets?

Pallets of Insulation ensure you can complete large insulation projects with ultimate efficiency. When you purchase wholesale insulation;

  • The cost per unit decreases, allowing for a greater return on your investment.
  • You won’t have to worry about your insulation getting damaged in transit.
  • Buying smaller quantities more regularly is a pricier route as you will have to factor in surcharges every time - so it makes sense to stock up.

Benefits of Buying Pallets of Insulation

  • Maximises efficiency & productivity - Reduces the time workers spend waiting for materials to arrive onsite.
  • Ensures uniformity in all your projects - Maintained consistency of product.
  • Eradicates lead time issues - By having a ready supply of inventory for your work, you can crack on with no holdbacks
  • Profitable - Bulk buying offers better prices than purchasing in smaller batches, making it an advantageous investment.
  • Saves time - Having supplies readily available at the site fosters a faster completion of the project. Moreover, it makes life much more comfortable for those on-site!

Materials Market Pallets of Insulation Range

We offer a range of insulation manufactured by the most reputable industry brands. At Materials Market, you can expect the following from our insulation range:

  • Insulation Rolls manufactured by Knuaf Insulation, and Insulation Slabs manufactured by Rockwool and Knauf Insulation.
  • Thermal and acoustic insulation solutions.
  • Insulation for a range of applications, such as loft, walls and floors.
  • Range of thicknesses from 25mm to 200mm.

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Pallet of Insulation Quantities

  • Knauf Loft Roll 44 - 24
  • Knauf Earthwool Acoustic (APR) - 24
  • Knauf Earthwool DriTherm - 24
  • Rockwool RWA45 - 16 & 20

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