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Chipboard loft panels are a practical and versatile solution for anyone looking to create additional space in their home. Crafted to provide a firm and lasting foundation for any storage requirements, these panels feature an exclusive tongue-and-groove profile that guarantees an unswerving and even surface for all of your projects.

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What Are Chipboard Loft Panels? 

Are you looking to create extra storage space in your home or convert your loft into a habitable area? If so, chipboard loft boards are an essential component that can make all the difference. 

These versatile boards are made from compressed wood particles that are glued together, creating a durable and sturdy surface upon which you can store your belongings or overlay existing floors with. 

Chipboard loft boards are the perfect economical solution for those looking to stick within a budget. When compared with other flooring materials, chipboard loft boards offer unbeatable value, making them ideal for anyone who needs quality on a dime.

For superior resistance to moisture and humidity, P5 chipboard loft panel is an ideal choice. Nicknamed "moisture-resistant chipboard" and exhibiting green hues, this type of board admittedly does come with a steeper price tag than other alternatives - but the quality speaks for itself!

Tongue & Groove Chipboard Loft Boards

Tongue and groove chipboard loft boards feature a tongue and groove profile on the long edges, ensuring a secure fit during installation. 

Understanding how tongue and groove chipboard flooring sheets are constructed is simple. To visualise, imagine a "tongue" protruding from one side, while the opposite edge contains a “groove” which perfectly fits into the other board's "tongue". 

By connecting each board on its respective sides, you get an incredibly sturdy floor surface perfect for loft spaces and other flooring applications, not to mention a rapid and easy installation process. 

Benefits of Using Chipboard Loft Board

  • Cost-effective - affordable solution for any project list
  • Features smooth surfaces without knots or voids - ensures easy handling
  • Versatile - suitable for a wide range of uses
  • Sustainable - uses recycled wood particles
    Easy to cut
  • Can be used to overlay existing flooring or as a loft board
  • Consistency throughout

Chipboard Loft Board Installation Considerations

To ensure the highest level of strength throughout your flooring, lay boards out with their longest side perpendicular to the joist, ensuring that each end meets at a joist. 

Additionally, stagger floor board joints for further reinforcement and stability in your finished product.

Secure the panels with screws and ensure that each one is countersunk without. Pre-drilling a pilot hole will make it easier to attach them and help keep the screw heads below the level of the floor surface.

Frequently Asked Chipboard Loft Boards Questions

How Do You Cut Chipboard Cleanly?

When compared to a jigsaw, utilising a circular saw yields far superior results due to the cutting action being in one direction. Additionally, it is much easier and quicker for you to make long straight cuts with or without using a guide when employing this type of saw.

Does Chipboard Absorb Water?

Untreated chipboard is notoriously porous which can pose a problem as it easily absorbs water.

However, we stock melamine-faced chipboard that is moisture-resistant and won't bend or warp when exposed to humid conditions. 

What Colour is Chipboard?

Chipboard is crafted from wholly recycled materials without any added colours, creating a canvas of brown and grey hues with speckles dispersed throughout. This makes each piece distinctively one-of-a-kind in its appearance. 

What Is The Typical Size Of A Loft Panel? 

Loft panels tend to come in 3 standard dimensions;  18mm or 22mm thick: 

  • 2400mm x 600mm
  • 1220mm x 320mm
  • 2400mm x 1200mm

The sheet size you go for when installing loft flooring mostly depends on the size of your loft hatch. 

When installing within tight spaces, it makes sense to opt for a convenient mini-panel size that you can easily manoeuvre into loft hatches. 

For further information, feel free to get in touch with our customer service team. 

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