Black Plasterboard Screws

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When it comes to securing plasterboard to stud work on walls and ceilings, black plasterboard screws are your best bet. These extremely sharp-point fixtures are precision engineered to puncture the plasterboard's skin, making for a secure and sturdy fit. Black plasterboard screws owe their black exterior to their phosphate coating which protects the metal from rusting. This corrosion resistance is most common in coarse threads as they're typically used to apply plasterboard to timber, an application which presents a higher risk of damp and rust. However, we do sell fine thread screws on top of course thread screws and collated screws. 

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What Are Black Plasterboard Screws? 

Black plasterboard screws are specifically designed to attach plasterboard to framing. 

Plasterboard (otherwise referred to as wallboard) comprises a gypsum core that is enveloped in heavy paper. Plasterboard screws are specifically designed to pierce the skin of this paper coating, driving through to the gypsum core and affixing to the framing material on the other side. 

Black plasterboard screws come with either coarse or fine threads, and the type chosen depends on the framing material - coarse for wood and fine for metal.

The distinctive black coating that can be seen on black plasterboard screws is phosphate coating - a preventative measure against rust and corrosion. 

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