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Spring toggle fixings, also called butterfly anchors or hollow wall anchors, are heavy-duty plasterboard fixings used to hang heavy items on hollow surfaces like cavity and plasterboard walls. The fixing is designed so that one end of the bolt collapses; during installation, it's flat. When installed, the end pops back out to hold the fixing and ensure a secure fitting.

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What Are Spring Toggles? 

A spring toggle, also known as a spring wing anchor or toggle fixing, is a fastener that is used for attaching objects to drywall, gypsum plasterboard, and other hollow wall materials. 

They consist of a metal toggle bar that flips open inside the wall, providing a secure anchoring point for screws or bolts. 

When the screw is tightened, the toggle bar pulls against the inside surface of the wall, distributing the load and creating a strong and stable hold.

This mechanism deems it suitable for use with plasterboard panel products, hollow ceilings, chipboard and other board materials. Browse our plasterboard products available for order online. 

Spring Toggle Key Features 

  • Expands by spring force into cavities
  • Easy installation into cavities
  • Offers good load distribution 
  • Suitable for installation behind thick panels in narrow cavities
  • Long screw toggles are compatible with various thicknesses

Spring Toggle Applications

  • Overhead applications
  • Fixing to cavity walls and ceilings 
  • Affixing shelves and radiators to a plasterboard wall

Installation Considerations: It's worth noting that if plasterboard is attached to a brick wall, the spring toggle may not have enough space to open up. It's important to evaluate the small details of your project before proceeding with installation. 

Frequently Asked Spring Toggles Questions

How Do I Install Spring Toggles? 

  • To install spring toggles, first drill a hole in the wall material that is slightly larger than the diameter of the toggle. 
  • Insert the toggle into the hole, ensuring that the wings are folded flat against the toggle. 
  • Then, thread the screw or bolt through the object being hung and into the toggle, tightening until secure.

Can Spring Toggles Be Removed?

Yes, spring toggles can be removed by simply unscrewing the screw or bolt that is holding the object in place. The toggle will remain inside the wall but can be easily pushed back through the hole with a screwdriver or other tool.

What Load Capacity Can Spring Toggles Handle?

The load capacity of spring toggles varies depending on the size and material of the toggle, as well as the thickness and strength of the wall material. It is important to select the appropriate size and type of toggle for the specific application to ensure safe and secure installation.

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