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When it comes to decking wood, timber decking boards are a prime choice because they are durable, robust, and tactile. Not only can they withstand a lot of foot traffic but they also achieve a timeless aesthetic that will never go out of style; their inherent warmth can easily complement any outdoor space.

Each softwood timber decking board we stock is meticulously milled to a classic profile and undergoes an extensive pressure-treating process to enhance durability and longevity. This treatment provides robust protection against decay, pests, and adverse weather conditions, ensuring that the decking maintains its integrity and appearance over time. 

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What are Softwood Timber Decking Boards?

Softwood timber decking boards are rectangular pieces of softwood, specifically designed for constructing outdoor decks and similar structures. 

At Materials Market, our softwood decking boards are milled to a dual-profile design, enabling them to be used on either side. This feature is particularly useful in achieving different looks or textures on the decking surface, depending on which side of the board is exposed. 

Each board undergoes a pressure-treatment process to increase its resistance to decay, pests, and weathering, making it a robust choice for outdoor use.

Where are Timber Decking Boards Used?

  • Residential Properties: Ideal for building decks, patios, and elevated terraces.
  • Commercial Venues: Enhances outdoor seating areas in restaurants, cafes, or office buildings.
  • Public Spaces: Commonly used in constructing walkways, community gardens, and public terraces.
  • Decorative Features: Suitable for creating attractive garden pathways, and steps, or as part of landscape designs.

Benefits of Timber Decking Boards

  • Longevity: Pressure-treated to resist rot, fungus, and insect damage, extending their longevity.
  • Aesthetic Flexibility: The reversible profile allows for varied visual presentations, making it easier to achieve the desired look.
  • Cost-Effective: Provides a more affordable alternative to hardwood, without sacrificing performance.
  • Ease of Installation: Standardised sizes compatible with common framing materials used in decking constructions.

Frequently Asked Timber Decking Questions

What Maintenance Do Softwood Decking Boards Require?

To maintain their appearance and longevity, it's recommended to clean the boards regularly and apply a water-repellent treatment every two to three years.

How Does The Cost of Softwood Timber Decking Compare to Hardwood Decking?

Softwood timber decking is generally less expensive than hardwood decking, making it a cost-effective option for larger projects and budget-conscious consumers.

What Type Of Finish Is Best For Protecting Softwood Decking?

Using a high-quality, UV-resistant sealant will help protect the wood from sun damage and moisture, thereby preserving its colour and reducing the risk of warping or splitting.

Can Reversible Decking Boards Be Used for Both Commercial and Residential Projects?

Absolutely, our reversible softwood timber decking boards are versatile enough for use in both commercial and residential projects, providing aesthetic appeal and durability in diverse settings. 

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