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Buying chipboard in packs is a smart move, especially when you consider the additional price of delivery costs on singular units. When you buy a pack of chipboard you’re not only getting discounted prices, but you avoid the laborious process of going from store-to-store to find the quantity you need.

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Why Buy Chipboard Packs?

Chipboard packs ensure you can complete large construction projects with ultimate efficiency. We stock the following OSB Packs: 

  • P5 Moisture Resistant Chipboard Flooring T&G 2400mm x 600mm (8' x 2') - Packs of 66 & 80
  • Egger Protect Moisture Resistant Chipboard Flooring T&G 2400mm x 600mm (8' x 2') - Pack of 66

When you purchase chipboard in bulk;

  • The cost per unit decreases, allowing for a greater return on your investment.
  • You won’t have to worry about your chipboard getting damaged in transit.
  • Buying smaller quantities more regularly is a pricier route as you will have to factor in surcharges every time - so it makes sense to stock up.

Benefits of Buying Chipboard Packs

  • Maximises efficiency & productivity - Reduces the time workers spend waiting for materials to arrive onsite.
  • Ensures uniformity in all your projects - Maintained consistency of product.
  • Eradicates lead time issues - By having a ready supply of inventory for your work, you can crack on with no holdbacks.
  • Profitable - Bulk buying offers better prices than purchasing in smaller batches, making it an advantageous investment.
  • Saves time - Having supplies readily available at the site fosters a faster completion of the project. Moreover, it makes life much more comfortable for those on-site!

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