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Building Materials

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It's safe to say that buildings wouldn't exist without building materials! Our building materials category contains all of the heavy side materials needed to create the building structure, from the cement needed to hold the block-work together, to the timber that forms the main component of building floors and ceilings. Our extensive range of building materials is compiled so that you can find everything you need to create a solid and sustainable structure, from the foundation to the roof. Check out our range of building supplies, we also sell insulation and plasterboard & drylining products from leading manufacturers that are essentials building materials on any construction site or home build.

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Types of Building Materials

At Materials Market we sell a full range of all the building materials needed for a domestic or construction project.

Bulk Materials

Bulk building materials covers blocks, bricks, cement, and sand. These are the building materials that are essential to the construction of a new structure or if you were to repair an existing structure. Our building blocks consist of celcon blocks and hollow dense blocks.

Sheet Materials

We sell a range of timber sheets, such as plywood, chipboard flooring, OSB and MDF. They are suitable for a full range of applications, for example tongue and groove chipboard flooring can be used in loft after insulation has been laid. The use of MDF materials has many benefits and is typically used for creating furniture.


Our timber materials range can used in any project, we sell roof battens and timber by different sizes, from 2x2 to 8x2.

When buying building materials for you project, timber usually is a prominent part and has many benefits, such as being used in a loft as battens or building a suspended floor.


Building materials accessories are often forgotten during a project, but accessories such as wall ties, screws and sealants are essential on site during a construction project.

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