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If you're looking for an affordable and versatile option for your landscaping needs, look no further than pea gravel (otherwise known as pea shingle). These small but mighty stones provide a cost-effective alternative to traditional paving materials such as concrete and asphalt.

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What Is Pea Gravel? 

Enhance weed control effortlessly with Pea Shingle, a versatile solution for creating impeccable driveways. Don't underestimate its unassuming name, as Pea Shingle plays a crucial role in fortifying the durability of cement, screeds, gravel, and other aggregates. 

Typically used alongside drainage systems, these non-decorative aggregates augment the volume, reinforcing expensive construction materials for prolonged longevity. With a straightforward installation process, all you need to do is spread and level the shingle in your designated area. 

Pea Gravel applications

  • Can improve the structural integrity of construction materials
  • Can be mixed with gravel, floor screeds, sand, and a number of other materials
  • Can add volume to your materials
  • Ideal for general ground cover

Pea Gravel Key Features

  • Pea gravel's porous nature allows for natural drainage of rainwater, allowing it to percolate into the soil
  • Inexpensive and versatile
  • Excellent natural weed suppressant
  • Ideal for filling voids between slabs and tiles
  • Durable - doesn't decompose
  • Requires very little maintenance
  • For both commercial and domestic use

Here at Materials Market, we stock a variety of quality pea shingle bulk bags to help you create your ideal outdoor space. See our full range of sand and aggregates for further details and tick off your project list today. 

Frequently Asked Pea Shingle & Gravel Questions

Is Pea Shingle the Same as Pea Gravel?

Yes, the two are exactly the same. Pea shingle is just another way to refer to pea gravel. 

Is There a Difference Between Gravel and Shingle?

Despite the fact that pea gravel and pea shingle are one and the same, this should not be confused with thinking that both gravel and shingle are the same material; the two are entirely different. 

Gravel is a loose aggregation of small fragments of rock most commonly used to create foundations or as ballast. Shingle, on the other hand, comprise small stones that feature a butt end thicker than the other.

Do The Weight of Pea Gravel Bags Vary? 

Yes. Customers should note that the weight of bags will vary along with the colour. The bulk bag size and quality will always be the same but, due to varying levels of moisture in the shingle, some bags might weigh more than others. So, one load might be slightly heavier than another.

How Much Pea Shingle Do I Need? 

This very much depends on the application in question. One way you could approximate the amount is to use an online gravel calculator and use this as a rough guide to guide your estimations. Always contact a professional if in doubt. For further advice, contact our sales team. 

Can You Pave Over Gravel?

Block paving cannot be laid directly on top of loose loads of gravel as it does not provide a stable and level surface. The gravel would not be compacted enough, causing movement and making it impossible to screed level the surface. 

A solid and compacted base is necessary for block paving, therefore gravel is not a suitable option for the sub base.

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