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When it comes to constructing commercial and domestic buildings, bricks and blocks are integral elements. Aerated or breeze blocks offer unique advantages such as lightweight construction, excellent thermal insulation properties, and acoustical performance - perfect for underground walls and interior/exterior wall applications. For more structural purposes like load-bearing walls, dense blocks are recommended due to their heavy weight composition. Browse our comprehensive range of bricks and solid concrete blocks today.

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Types of Bricks & Blocks

Bricks and blocks play a critical role in building the majority of commercial and domestic properties.

Available in a variety of densities, colours and styles, they are an essential part of masonry construction and various applications. 

Some common bricks and blocks include: 

  • Breeze blocks - These blocks are perfect for warm climates, allowing air to filter through them.
  • Engineering bricks - Crafted to support extreme loads, this product is designed for maximum durability.
  • Facing brick - Facing bricks are engineered to be visible in a structure.
  • Solid concrete blocks - Suitable for internal load bearing walls as well as beam and block flooring.

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