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Otherwise known as 47x75 timber, 3x2 is the ideal framework for your next project. Here at Materials Market, we offer high-quality timber, sawn to the necessary length and pressure-treated to prevent fungal and insect attack. We sell 3x2 stud timber in various lengths such as 3m, 3.6m and 4.8m - all of which can be trimmed to whichever length your project requires. 

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What is 3x2 Timber Used For?

3x2 timber lengths are used for the most part in stud wall partitions, where they provide both the horizontal and vertical sections of a stud wall.

Thanks to the treatment of the timber, 47x75 timber is suitable for both indoor and outdoor applications such as roofing, flooring and wall applications. 

A few examples of how 3x2 timber can be used are:

  • In roof and flooring joists
  • As part of a building structure's timber frame
  • Outdoor decking (due to its durability and moisture resistance)
  • Outdoor frames and pergolas 
  • Fencing
  • Garden sheds and garden furniture

Please note: 3x2 is a non-structural timber size, which means that it shouldn't be relied upon to support the building structure.

3x2 Timber Key Features 

  • Optimal Preparation: At Materials Market, the emphasis on selling the finished size guarantees that the timber has undergone thorough preparation, ensuring quality.
  • Indoor & Outdoor Adaptability: Treatment of the timber makes it suitable for both environments, enhancing its lifespan and durability.
  • Durability & Moisture Resistance: The treatment ensures resistance against various environmental factors, increasing its longevity, especially when used outdoors.

3x2 Timber Sizing Explained

3x2 timber is most often measured in inches, which is an imperial measurement, though it is sometimes measured in metric and this is where millimetres (mm) come into play. 

The sizing of 3x2 timber is considered to be either:

  • Nominal Size: 47mm x 75mm
  • Finished Size: 45mm x 70mm

This slight discrepancy is accounted for by the way the timber is cut and prepared. The difference in the two sizes is minuscule and should not make a meaningful difference to your project. At Materials Market, we sell the finished size (45mm x 70mm). 

Frequently Asked 3x2 Questions

What Is 3x2 Timber In "mm"?

  • Nominal Size: 47mm x 75mm. 
  • Finished Size: 45mm x 70mm.

Is It Possible To Paint 3x2 Treated Timber?

It is both possible and desirable to paint treated timber but there are just a few considerations which are worth mentioning. 

When treated timber is delivered, it is still wet. This means that the chemicals used in the pressure treatment will not have had the opportunity to dry and it is therefore not advisable to paint it straight away.

A few weeks should be enough to allow for it to dry, provided there are optimum drying conditions. The treated timber should be stored in a warm and dry place, but not somewhere that is too hot and sunny or the wood may bevel and warp, which is far from ideal.

If you try to add paint or primer to the treated wood before it has had the necessary time to dry, it just won't work. The chemicals within the wood will repel the paint or primer. It is worth waiting the necessary time before using treated wood in this way, in order to avoid problems.

Is It Easy To Saw 47x75 Timber To My Preferred Size?

Treated wood can be readily cut to the dimensions required in your project, however, this should only be done with the right equipment, eye protection, and a respirator since the cutting process releases tiny airborne particles of wood, possibly impregnated with the chemicals used in pressure-treating.

Treated wood also cuts a little more like wet wood so some extra care should be afforded to ensure the blade doesn’t slip while cutting.

How Much Does 3x2 Timber Cost?

Timber is popular and plentiful, so is a relatively inexpensive building material. However, timber prices are prone to fluctuation depending on supply levels, so it is always best to reach out to us if you have a large quantity so that we can price your requirement accordingly.

Is 50x75 Timber Environmentally Sustainable?

All of the timber sold by Materials Market has been responsibly sourced.

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