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3x2 Treated Timber

3 x 2 timber, or 47x75 timber, is a regular requirement of the building trade. Here at Materials Market, we offer high quality timber, sawn to the necessary length and pressure treated to prevent fungal and insect attack. We sell 3 x 2 stud timber, which is provided in various different lengths, 3m, 3.6m and 4.8m and can then be trimmed to whatever length is required for the individual project.


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What is 3x2 timber in mm?

3 x 2 timber is most often measured in inches, which is an imperial measurement, though it is sometimes measured in metric and this is where millimetres (mm) come into play. 3x2 is considered to be 50x75mm or 47x75mm. This discrepancy is accounted for by the way the wood is cut and prepared. On our website we sell 47x75mm but the difference in the two sizes is miniscule and will not make a meaningful difference to your project.

Here at Materials Market, all our timber is treated with preservatives, kiln dried, and then planed all round to give it eased edges that make it easier to handle. Timber comes in various lengths and sizes, and is regularised to ensure that dimensions are consistent within ranges. 3 x 2 is a non structural timber size, which means that it shouldn't be relied upon to support the building structure.

What is 3x2 wood used for?

There are a great many different uses for 3by2 timber as it is a sturdy building material, suitable for use both indoors and out. This is thanks to the treatment of the timber. 47x75 timber can be used in all manner of different ways including in both roofing, flooring and wall applications. 3 x 2 timber lengths are used for the most part in stud wall partitions, where the provide both the horizontal and vertical sections of a stud wall.

A few examples of how 47x75 timber can be used are in joists for the roof or flooring, as part of the timber frame that makes up part of the structure of a building, or as garden decking. This is an incredibly flexible material and the uses are as varied as the imagination of those using it in their projects. It is not limited to being used in the ways described above and will no doubt be found as playing a part in the construction of more buildings and carpentry projects in ways that we haven’t even begun to touch on here.

Garden furniture is another potential use for 47x75 timber, again making the most of the protective properties of the sealing treatment. 

Explain the difference between treated timber and sawn timber

Sawn timber is wood that has been cut to the required dimensions but hasn't been pressure treated and kiln dried. In the building sector, pressure treated timber is popular as it provides many benefits, namely protection from the elements.

The pressure treatment process that gives treated timber this resistance will often include copper and organic co-biocides to repel both insects and moisture. This gives a high degree of protection against both of these potential problems. Treated timber is sometimes referred to as tanalised timber, which takes its name from the preservative (tanalith E) that is used in the treatment process. After the treatment is applied, the timber lengths are put in an oven to be kiln dried.

It should be noted that using treated timber instead of just sawn timber in a construction project will mean that you see off some of the potential problems that may otherwise arise. This is because it is not always possible to check on the progress of parts of the structure once it has been completed and untreated timber may be prone to insects getting into it, or even moisture, mould or rot.

Frequently asked questions about 3x2 timber

Is it possible to paint 3x2 treated timber?

It is both possible and desirable to paint treated timber but there are just a few considerations which are worth mentioning. When treated timber is delivered, it is still wet. This means that the chemicals used in the pressure treatment will not have had the opportunity to dry and it is therefore not advisable to paint it straight away.

A few weeks should be enough to allow for it to dry, provided there are optimum drying conditions. The treated timber should be stored in a warm and dry place, but not somewhere that is too hot and sunny or the wood may bevel and warp, which is far from ideal.
If you try to add paint or primer to the treated wood before it has had the necessary time to dry, it just won't work. The chemicals within the wood will repel the paint or primer. It is worth waiting the necessary time before using treated wood in this way, in order to avoid problems.

Is it easy to saw 47x75 timber to my preferred size?

Cutting treated timber to the size that you need in your project is relatively easy to do, though this should only be attempted with the appropriate power tools. A respirator should be worn as there will be miniscule airborne particles of wood, possibly coated with the chemicals used in the pressure treating process. You will also require eye protection for this task.

It is bad for your health to ingest the particles that are released into the air when treated wood is being resized so it is important to heed these basic and necessary safety precautions before proceeding to attempt to cut it.

Treated wood also cuts a little more like a wet wood so some extra care should be afforded to ensure the blade doesn’t slip while cutting.

Although it is somewhat more difficult than cutting ordinary sawn timber, it is not hugely more difficult to cut 3 x 2 timber into the sizes that you need. If good care is taken, it can be accomplished relatively easily. This construction material is considered versatile for a reason and if it was extremely difficult to use, it wouldn’t be so popular.

How much does 47x75 treated timber cost?

Timber is popular and plentiful, so is a relatively inexpensive building material. However, timber prices are prone to fluctuation depending on supply levels, so it is always best to reach out to us if you have a large quantity so that we can price your requirement accordingly.

Is 50x75 timber environmentally sustainable?

All of the timber sold by Materials Market is Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) or Programme for the Endorsement of Forest Certification (PEFC) certified, which is a rubber stamp to show that the timber has been responsibly sourced.