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Duct tape, commonly referred to as cloth tape, is an unquestionably tough adhesive tape that can be easily torn by hand. This material works in both indoor and outdoor settings due to its remarkable ability to endure various weather conditions while also resisting water damage. Not only do duct tapes come in different widths and lengths but additionally offer a variety of colours - black, silver and clear being the most widely used choices.

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What Is Duct Tape?

Commonly referred to as duck tape, duct tape is a highly useful adhesive that sources its name from its initial composition of green cotton duck material.

Duct tape products boast superior bonding and sealing abilities thanks to their cloth or plastic-based backing awash in an intensely sticky glue.

Home improvement experts, construction workers, and DIYers alike swear by this multi-purpose tool for any number of handy projects.

From sealing and repairing to crafting, duct cloth tapes are the perfect answer for a broad variety of tasks. Their remarkable flexibility and water-resistant construction make it a must-have item in any household.

On the market you can expect to find a range of widths from 38 mm and 48 mm all the way up to 100 mm widths, we however specialise in selling 50 mm widths. 

Duct Tape Applications

  • General sealing and household repairs
  • Repairing holes
  • Assembling and securing packing boxes 
  • Patching a hose 
  • Holding down carpet
  • Suitable for indoor and outdoor use

For more heavy-duty and demanding applications use we recommend using Industrial Grade Duct Tape or Professional Grade Duct Tape. 

Duct Tape Key Features

  • Removes without leaving a sticky residue
  • Suitable for use on a wide range of surfaces
  • Comprises a water-resistant polyethylene backing
  • Can withstand exposure to water 
  • High material strength 
  • Impressive flexibility 

Duct Tape's Composition

Duct tape comprises three key layers: a base layer of rubber-based adhesive, a middle layer of cloth fabric and a top soft and waterproof plastic layer. 

Frequently Asked Duct Tapes Questions

Is Gaffer Tape And Duct Tape The Same Thing?

No, the difference between gaffer tape and duct tape lies in the materials they are made from. 

Duct tape is usually composed of polyethylene (petroleum- or natural gas-derived plastic), while gaffer tape features a coated cloth backing and employs synthetic rubber-based adhesive.

The reflective quality on the backside of duct tape makes it excellent for industrial applications; conversely, matte gaffer tape won't reflect light and is non-reflective.

How Did Duct Tape Come Into Existence?

During World War II, the military was in need of strong and waterproof tape for fast fixes on equipment, as well as to seal ammunition cases. This is where duct tape had its inception.

Initially, silver-grey duct tape was employed to make heating joints or air conditioning ducts airtight. Nowadays though, it has evolved into a multi-purpose adhesive which can help secure two products together and even onto surfaces.

Is Gorilla Tape The Same As Duct Tape?

Gorilla tape is an advanced duct tape, boasting a reinforced double-strength adhesive and water resistant backing.

This reliable tool offers unparalleled strength in any environment to make your projects strong and long lasting.

What Is The Strongest Mounting Tape?

For the most reliable adhesive, Ultra High Bonding tape (or UHB as it is otherwise known) is your best bet. This type of tape provides exceptional adhesion on both sides and is perfect for affixing carpets to floors, hanging pictures up, and more. 

In terms of the material it can affix, mounting tape can be used on wood, brick, plastic and glass - opening the door for many application uses. 

Additionally, VHB or Very High Bonding Tape proves to be a strong contender in terms of quality when it comes double-sided tapes!

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