6x2 Treated Timber C24

6 x 2 treated timber, sometimes called 150x50 carcassing timber, is a mainstay of the building trade. It’s high quality C24 grade timber, sawn to the correct length and pressure treated with substances to stop fungal and insect attack. At Materials Market, we sell 150x50 C24 timber, which comes in 2.4m, 3m, 3.6m, 4.2m, 4.8m, 6m and 7.2m lengths and can then be cut or sawn to whatever length is required for your project.


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What lengths does 6x2 timber come in?

We sell 6 x 2 timber in a number of different lengths, which will be suitable for a wide range of uses. There should be a size here in our range that works for the project you need it for. Our high quality C24 grade treated timber comes in 2.4m, 3m, 3.6m, 4.2m, 4.8m, 6m and 7.2m. It's thickness is always consistent at 47mm.

What is 6x2 wood used for?

6 x 2 C24 timber can be used in a great many different ways as it is a versatile material that is suitable for both indoor and outdoor use, due to the treatment and sealing of the timber.

47x150 timber is very often used as carcassing timber as joists in roofing or flooring. A joist is a load bearing framing support for the roof or floor and will normally join opposing walls. They usually run horizontally and can span an open space. Joists tend to outnumber roofing beams. 6 x 2 timber joists are well-suited for this function as the C24 grade timber is strong and sturdy.

Some examples of how 6 x 2 timber lengths can be used: joists for the roof or floor, as part of the timber frame that is part of the structure of a building, general joinery applications, or even garden decking and outdoor furniture. This is a material with many and varied uses. It is not limited to being used in the ways described above and will likely be found as part of many more buildings and carpentry projects than we have described here.

Explain the difference between 6x2 treated timber and 6x2 sawn timber?

Sawn timber is wood that has been cut to the required dimensions but hasn't been pressure treated and kiln dried. In the building sector, pressure treated timber is popular as it provides many benefits, namely protection from the elements.

The process that gives treated timber the insect and fungi resistance often includes copper and organic co-biocides which aim to repel both insects and moisture and give a high degree of sustained protection against adverse weather conditions. Treated timber is sometimes referred to as tanalised timber, after the preservative (tanalith E) that is used in the treatment process. Following the treatment, the timber lengths are put in an oven to be kiln dried. Depending on the treatment used, the timber can sometimes be green in colour.

It is vital to only use treated timber for important parts of building projects, since much of the timber used in construction is in places that are hard to get to, so it is difficult to check if it is under attack from insects or if damp was getting into it and to take remedial measures.

Here at Materials Market, each side of the timber is planed to give it an easi edge that makes it easy to handle. Timber comes in various lengths and sizes, and is regularised to ensure consistent dimensions within ranges. With a nominal size of 47mmx150mm, this product actually has a finished size of 45mmx145mm, but this difference is so negligible that it is commonly just referred to as 47x150, or 6 x 2.

Frequently asked questions about 6x2 timber

Is it possible to paint 6x2 C24 timber?

It is pretty easy to paint treated timber but it comes with a few complications because of the timber treatment process used. The number one tip we have is that it isn’t a good idea to paint treated timber too soon after you have bought it.

This may initially sound strange but it is sound advice. When shipped, most 6 x 2 timber C24 is still “wet” and time is required for the waterborne chemicals to dry and settle. You will probably notice that the wood feels heavy and is slightly damp to the touch at this point.

To add primer or paint at this point would see it most likely be rejected and expelled by the water based chemicals that are still present in the wood. To paint or prime successfully, it is important to allow the wood to dry out fully before attempting to do anything further to it.

This drying out process can take up to a few weeks, though this largely depends on the location where the wood is being stored. If too much heat and direct sunlight are present, this can mean the treated timber warps rather than dries out and damp conditions can make the drying period last longer. 

Is it easy to cut 6x2 treated timber to size?

It’s relatively simple to cut timber to the size needed for your project. It should be noted though that the appropriate power tools and a respirator are required to do this safely. Cutting treated timber will result in tiny airborne wood particles, which will be covered in the chemicals used in the pressure treating process. Eye protection is also highly recommended to undertake this task safely.

It is important to heed the necessary safety precautions before proceeding to attempt to cut the timber. Treated timber cuts more like a wet wood so a little extra care should also be taken to make sure the blade doesn’t slip while you are cutting.

It is marginally more difficult than cutting normal sawn timber to cut treated 47x150 timber into the sizes that are needed. As long as care is taken, it can be accomplished relatively easily. This material is considered versatile with good reason and if it was extremely difficult, it wouldn’t be used in so many different ways.

What is the cost of 6x2 timber?

Carcassing timber is a pretty common and relatively inexpensive building material. 47x150 C24 timber prices are often prone to fluctuation depending on the supply and demand at the time. We will provide you with a very competitive price if you wish to buy 6 x 2 timber through our website. All our prices are per length. Timber prices are often referred to per by the metre. To convert a length price to a metre price, simply divide the length price by the length of the timber.

Is 6x2 timber environmentally friendly?

All of the treated timber for sale on the Materials Market website is Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) or Programme for the Endorsement of Forest Certification (PEFC) certified, which means that our timber is responsibly sourced from environmentally responsible suppliers.