Like all great ideas, Materials Market started with a problem.

Founders Samuel and Andrew were working as buyers for a small roofing contractor, fighting an everyday battle to get building materials to site on time and on budget. This involved contacting supplier after supplier to check availability, negotiate prices and place orders. There were so many suppliers out there, but finding one that ticked all the boxes for each order was an almost impossible task. If only there was a way to reach them all at once. The beginnings of an idea started to take shape in Samuel’s mind…

In a small Japanese restaurant in Camden, Samuel and Andrew sketched out plans for a website that brought together a disparate network of suppliers to provide low prices, fast deliveries and great service to trade and DIY customers alike. By getting the suppliers to work together, they knew they would be able to create a proposition that was better than any individual supplier could offer.

Fast forward through several years of hard graft, and Materials Market was finally born. Originally started from the back bedroom of Andrew’s North London flat with nothing but a whiteboard, a whippet and a dream, in two years Materials Market has grown to become one of the leading online suppliers for building materials, servicing thousands of customers and generating sales for supply chain partners across the country.

With a fully-fledged team of sales staff, software developers and general devotees to the cause, Materials Market strives to deliver the best possible buying and selling experience for its customers and suppliers.

So, what are you waiting for? Reach out to us today and see how we can help.

The Team @ Materials Market

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