Trade Credit

Why is Materials Market offering Trade Credit?

At Materials Market, we want to make purchasing building materials a breeze. That’s why, in addition to accepting payments by credit card, debit card, bank transfer and PayPal, we also offer flexible credit options through Trade Credit.

How does Trade Credit work?

When you choose Trade Credit at checkout you can pay for your building materials at the end of the following month, at no extra charge. We offer payment terms of 30 days end of month. After your order is delivered, we will issue you a VAT invoice with the payment date as the end of the following month from your delivery. We will also issue you a statement of account showing all invoices due around the 15th of the month. You can pay your Trade Credit account by bank transfer.

Does applying require a hard credit check? 

In most cases, yes. We conduct a soft credit check on your company immediately after you apply. After this initial check to see if your company is eligible we will often conduct a hard credit check to determine the credit limit we can offer. This may affect your credit score in the short term, however by using and managing your credit account responsibly it could improve your score over time.

What does it cost?

There are no extra fees if you pay with Trade Credit when you settle your invoices by their due date.

Can I increase my limit?

If you enjoy paying with Trade Credit, but want access to a higher limit, then please reach out to your Account Manager. If you have been paying your invoices on time for the last 3 months, we will consider a credit limit increase.

Interested in applying for Trade Credit?

Fill out an application and we’ll let you know if you qualify!

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