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Trade Credit

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Why is Materials Market offering MarketPay?

Materials Market is partnering with the best finance providers to give you more flexible credit options when paying for their services and more time to pay. MarketPay is an innovative way to help you pay from MarketFinance.

How does MarketPay work?

When you use MarketPay at checkout you can pay for your Materials Market products at the end of the following month, at no extra charge. We’ll confirm your payment choice with you via email, along with your agreed payment plan and our account details. We’ll remind you when it’s time to pay and you can organise via bank transfer.

Will this affect my credit score?

Before you can start paying later with MarketPay, we’ll perform a soft credit search on your business to check if you’re eligible. These kinds of searches have no impact at all on your credit score. If you pass this, MarketPay will be activated on your account. The first time you choose to pay with MarketPay at checkout, a hard search will be made (this will only happen on the first purchase). The search will appear on your credit report. Multiple hard searches in a short period of time may affect your credit score.

Who is MarketFinance?

MarketFinance is a leading UK FinTech and embedded finance platform for businesses that has been operating for 11 years. They deliver flexible finance solutions to solve the cash flow issues that get in the way of progress and have processed over £20bn in payments for UK businesses. MarketPay is their embedded credit product that lets businesses pay later online at checkout.

What does it cost? 

There are no extra fees if you pay with MarketPay, as long as you settle your invoice when it’s due (at the end of the following month).

Can I increase my limit?

If you enjoy paying with MarketPay but want access to a higher limit then sometimes we’re able to increase it. Making sure you successfully repay invoices on time can increase the likelihood of this. We would need a minimum of either 1 successful repayment + Open Banking connection or 3 successful repayments to consider any limit increase requests.

Interested in applying for Trade Credit with MarketPay?

Fill out an application and we’ll let you know if you’re eligible!