1. What’s the difference between adding a product to my basket and adding to an enquiry?

    Materials Market offers two ways of buying products, either by adding products to a basket as an instant purchase or by adding products to an enquiry and getting offers from suppliers. We work hard to provide the lowest prices possible on instant purchases, but for products not usually stocked or for large quantities it’s best to add to an enquiry. Our suppliers provide offers within 30 minutes and prices for larger quantities are cheaper.

  2. How much is delivery?

    If you have posted an enquiry, suppliers may include a delivery charge that varies from the values above and these will always be shown on the offer.

    For more information on deliveries please visit our Delivery Information section.

  3. When will my order be delivered?

    When placing an order, you are given the option of choosing the delivery date. We’re the only online service that provides this service. The default delivery date will be the soonest date your order can be delivered, but if that’s not convenient simply choose a later date on the calendar.

    Our products available for Instant Purchase are typically available for delivery within 2 working days.

  4. What is an instant purchase?

    Hundreds of products on our site are available for Instant Purchase. This means that you can add these products to your basket and checkout immediately. For large orders or items listed without a price, please add items to an enquiry to get the best price.

  5. What does it mean to accept equivalent products?

    An equivalent product closely matches the technical specifications of the product you requested. These products may be different brands, but they can be used interchangeably in most cases. You can choose whether or not to accept equivalent products when placing an order or submitting an enquiry

  6. I added products to my enquiry and posted it. How long until I get offers?

    Many of our suppliers will begin submitting offers within thirty minutes, but to make sure you get the best deal, we recommend waiting a day (or slightly longer on weekends) to ensure you get the most offers. If you’re in a hurry, you can place an order as soon as you get an offer or you can buy many products immediately with instant purchases.

  7. How do I know which offer is better?

    Not every offer is the same and for most the lowest price will be the best offer, but we also include the supplier’s rating, the earliest delivery possible, the specific delivery vehicle available and possible offload facilities. Sometimes suppliers can only offer some of the items on your enquiry and these types of offers will be on the bottom of the offer page.

  8. Why can I no longer edit an enquiry?

    Editing an enquiry is only possible before offers are made. Once you have your first offer, this function is no longer possible.

  9. What’s the difference between a live enquiry and an expired enquiry?

    Live enquiries are enquiries that suppliers can make offers on or enquiries that have offers from the last 30 days. An enquiry expires if either no offers are made in the allotted time or it’s been over 30 days from when all offers were submitted.

  10. I’m looking for a product and can’t find it on your website. Can you help me?

    Of course, please contact us at our Contact Us section. We are continually adding products to our site and appreciate feedback about what new products we should offer.

  11. Can you supply me with a product sample?

    Yes, contact us through one of the ways listed at Contact Us and we’ll assist you.

  12. Where can I find technical information on a product?

    Each product includes Technical Specifications below the product image and most include datasheets within the Technical Downloads tab also below the product image.

  13. Why is the earliest delivery different to the delivery date I’ve requested?

    Our suppliers offer the best delivery date that they can provide for the items in your enquiry. Sometimes this will be earlier than your required date, and sometimes it will be later. You can choose a date equal to or later than the supplier’s earliest delivery date when you place your order.

  14. What areas do you deliver to?

    We deliver throughout the UK mainland. Deliveries to Wales and Scotland may incur an additional delivery charge.

  15. What payment options do you accept?

    We accept Visa, Mastercard, American Express, and Apple Pay.

  16. Why have I received different goods from those on my enquiry?

    Sometimes suppliers will provide offers for equivalent products. Suppliers can only offer equivalents that closely match the technical specification of the product you requested. These products may be different brands, but they can be used interchangeably in most cases. We highlight equivalent products on offers to ensure customers are aware of these changes before making a purchase.

  17. I haven’t received my delivery on the confirmed delivery date. Can you assist?

    Please contact us at our Contact Us section and we will assist in sorting this out.

  18. How can I get a VAT invoice?

    On your customer dashboard under the completed orders tab you can access all your orders that have been successfully delivered. Find the order you’d like the VAT invoice for and you will find the VAT invoice button on the lower left where this can be downloaded.

  19. How can I cancel an order or make a return?

    You can cancel an order by going to the customer dashboard and then to the open orders tab. Click on the Cancel Items button. This will bring up a cancellation form to complete. If you’d like to return items, go to the customer dashboard and then to the completed orders tab. Here you can find the Request Return button. This will bring up a simple returns form for you to complete. We will be in touch soon after you submit either form.

    Once items have been returned, you will be refunded within 14 days.

    Please note that perishable items like cement and plaster cannot be returned. Collection and re-stocking fees may be incurred.

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