Plastic Insulation Fixings

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In the realm of construction and building insulation, the significance of proper fixing solutions cannot be overstated. Plastic insulation fixings have emerged as a versatile and efficient alternative to traditional methods. With a focus on both functionality and sustainability, these fixings offer numerous benefits for builders and homeowners alike.

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What Are Plastic Insulation Fixings?

Plastic Insulation Fixing Anchors are an essential component in securing insulation boards with confidence. 

These small but mighty accessories are engineered to anchor insulation material to concrete and masonry substrate materials.

We also stock metal insulation fixings on our Insulation Support Fixings homepage. These fixings perform much in the same way as plastic insulation fixings, although they are typically made from durable and corrosion-resistant metals such as stainless steel or galvanised steel.

What Are Insulation Fixings?

Insulation board fixings, also called insulation anchors, ensure mechanical insulation fixing when attaching polystyrene and rigid foam insulation boards to concrete, bricks, and blocks.

They come in plastic or metal and are designed to be directly secured onto brick or masonry. There are a variety of fixings available on the market those used within an external insulation system (such as external wall insulation) and those used for fixing mineral wool and insulation panels.

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