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100mm Kingspan Thermaroof TR24 Flat Roof Torch-On Insulation Board 1200mm x 600mm (3.6m2/Pack)

URN: 3004204
100mm Kingspan Thermaroof TR24 is a high performance PIR insulation board for flat roofs, offering a thermal conductivity of 0.024 - 0.027 W/mK.

Product Overview

100mm Kingspan Thermaroof TR24 is a high performance PIR insulation board for flat roofs, offering a thermal conductivity of 0.024 - 0.027 W/mK.

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Technical Specification

Technical Specification
Material Type:PIR
Pieces Per Pack:5
Sales Unit:Pack
Sales Unit Coverage:3.6m2
Thermal Conductivity:0.025W/mK

Technical Downloads

100mm Kingspan Thermaroof TR24 insulation can improve the thermal envelope of your home. We recommend these boards for people who want the best thermal barrier for their flat roofs. 

They are comprised of a rigid PIR core with mineralised glass tissue on the lower surface and bitumen coated glass tissue with a polypropylene fleece on the upper surface. 

Each board has a thermal conductivity of 0.024 W/mK. TR24 Therma is not just known for its thermal properties. Kingspan manufacturers TR24 insulation with multi-layer bituminous waterproofing, and PIR is naturally water-resistant. You do not have to worry about the elements impacting the quality or longevity of these boards. 

They are ideal for people who live in areas with high rainfalls. Even better, they are non-deleterious, compatible with the majority of torch-applied waterproofing systems, and easy to handle.

If you are searching for premium-quality flat roof insulation, look no further than Kingspan Therma TR24. These boards are comprised of a fibre-free rigid thermoset PIR core. Each board has an overall thermal conductivity value - sometimes referred to as thermal resistance - of 0.024 W/mK.

Homeowners lose around 25% of the heat in their homes through their roofs. By investing in Kingspan TR24 insulation boards, you can reduce the amount that you spend on energy bills and keep your home warmer for longer.

This high performance insulation board is manufactured using a blowing agent that results in zero ozone depletion potential and low global warming potential, which means it's environmentally friendly. It has a compressive strength of 150kPa at 10% compression, and is management system certified to BS EN ISO 9001: 2015.

TR24 Kingspan Insulation Applications

As the name suggests, Therma TR24 boards are designed for installation in roofs. The Thermaroof range is just one of the ranges that Kingspan creates, and it can be used in both new build and refurbishment projects. Kingspan designs product ranges that target specific problem areas. Kingspan Thermafloor and Kingspan Thermawall are other popular ranges. Kingspan Therma TR24 is suitable for flat roofs waterproofed with partially bonded torch applied multi-layer bituminous waterproofing.

TR24 Insulation Installation

When it comes to installing insulation, it is important to speak to a professional. Kingspan Thermaroof TR24 is designed for installation in flat roofs, which means that it is important to use the correct protective sheets.

If you are installing TR24 in conjunction with a sealed metal deck, you do not have to worry about a separate vapour control layer. If you are installing Kingspan TR24 insulation boards with any other system, you need to add a vapour control layer. 

When installing the waterproofing membrane, make sure you adhere strictly to the manufacturer's guidance provided. The boards are most effective when they are installed in a water-tight compartment. You should use a vapour control layer in conjunction with a coated roofing felt.

About Kingspan

Kingspan is one of the leading manufacturers of thermal insulation. They use all kinds of different insulation materials, but they are the only manufacturer of phenolic insulation in the UK. The Kingspan TR24 range is made from PIR (polyisocyanurate).

Kingspan has decades of experience in the industry. This company is best known for selling products that have aged lambda values. Lambda values tell us the thermal conductivity of an insulation product. The lower the lambda value, the better the material will insulate your home. When you buy Kingspan Thermaroof TR24, you know that you are getting the best thermal value possible for that board.

Kingspan TR24 100mm PIR Core

Kingspan Therma TR24 boards are comprised of a PIR core that is flanked by mineralised glass tissue on one side and bitumen coated glass tissue with a thermofusible polypropylene fleece on the other.

PIR is a popular choice for people who want to insulate their homes. It usually has a thermal thermal conductivity of 0.022 W/mK. However, 100mm Kingspan TR24 boards have a thermal conductivity of 0.024 W/mK. PIR is second only to phenolic insulation in terms of thermal protection.

PIR is resistant to the passage of water vapour. That, combined with the waterproofing chemicals that Kingspan uses, makes Kingspan Thermaroof TR24 ideal for people who want long-lasting thermal protection for their roofs that is not compromised by the elements.


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