25mm MDF Board Moisture Resistant 2440mm x 1220mm (8' x 4')

URN: 4004004

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£60.99ex. VAT
£20.47 per m2
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25mm MDF Board Moisture Resistant 2440mm x 1220mm (8' x 4')

URN: 4004004
£60.99ex. VAT

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Key Features

  • Ideal in applications where humidity fluctuates
  • High internal bond strength
  • Popular in the joinery industry
  • Easily shaped with machine tools and hand tools
  • Easy to handle
  • Interior use only

Technical Specification

Technical Specification
Sales Unit:Sheet
Sales Unit Coverage:2.98m2

Product Description

Where standard MDF falls flat in terms of its moisture performance, 25mm Moisture-resistant MDF (MR MDF) reigns supreme. This premium-grade MDF is engineered with a moisture-repellent resin to maintain its structural integrity in high humidity areas such as kitchens or bathroom furniture. 

These high-performance sheets are easy to spot with their hard-to-miss green face and are simply cut with both hand and machine tools, thanks to their ultra smooth surface finish. 

For peace of mind, all of our MDF boards are FSC/PEFC chain of custody certified. We also sell a range of other performance sheet materials here

25mm MR MDF Applications

If you’re looking for durability, you’re in the right place. Moisture-resistant MDF (Medium Density Fibre) board is a highly versatile panel, purposed for use in occasional wet or damp conditions such as bathrooms, boiler rooms, utility rooms and kitchens.

Whilst they are moisture-resistant, make no mistake, they are simply just that; just like standard MDF, they are not waterproof and will degenerate if put in direct contact with wet conditions. For this reason, we recommend using them solely in internal applications.

25mm Moisture Resistant MDF also showcases a clean and smooth finish, ensuring a pristine paint finish when taking on decorative projects.

25mm Moisture Resistant MDF sheet material is perfectly suited for the following applications:

  • Furniture
  • Kitchen and bathroom furniture
  • Flooring
  • Doors and window boards
  • Shelving
  • Skirting boards
  • Cabinets
  • Wall panelling
  • Laundry rooms

Benefits and Key Features of Moisture Resistant MDF

One of the many benefits of MR MDF is that it has a slower swelling rate than that of standard MDF, making it a more reliable material candidate for humid conditions.

Let's check the specs:

  • Premium grade MDF designed to tolerate humid environments in interior applications
  • High internal bond strength
  • Popular in the joinery industry
  • Saws and routs cleanly with machine tools and hand tools
  • Easy to handle
  • Interior use only
  • Suitable for a wide range of machining and surface finishes
  • The panel conforms to the latest European low emission standards ‘E1'
  • Easy to sand down for a smooth finish (which also prevents harmful fibres from being released)

Do You Need To Prime MDF Moisture-Resistant Sheets?

Whether you’re looking to paint MR MDF or just plain bog standard MDF, a primer will always be necessary. The primer acts as a sealant to prevent the paint from sinking into the MDF.

Is All Moisture Resistant MDF Green? 

Here in the UK, smaller MR MDF boards are typically green in colour, however, this is purely for identification purposes and has no ties to the actual moisture resistance of the boards.

There are MR MDF boards sold that are untinted and brown in colour, appearing very similar to standard MDF. 

Should you be wondering how to identify the MR properties in boards such as these, simply refer to the manufacturer's technical specification sheet and keep an eye out for standards related to MDF: EN622-5: 2009 (which covers moisture resistance).

How is MR MDF Made? 

The manufacturing process for MDF (short for Medium Density Fibreboard) sees wood fibres (wood chippings, recycled offcuts and sawdust) combined with resins and waxes cooked to a high temperature and pressed under high pressure to form sturdy uniform panels. 

MR MDF owes its moisture resistance to the moisture-repellent resin used to bond the wood fibres together; not all MDF will use this same resin. 

The manufacturing process eliminates knots, air pockets, and grain issues from the MDF boards, ensuring a uniform, defect-free precision finish. 


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