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Moisture-resistant MDF sheets (otherwise known as MR MDF) are premium panels designed for use in humid conditions. The boards are engineered to endure high moisture levels without comprising their strength or quality. We stock a range of thicknesses and dimensions that you can install in either your kitchen, bathroom or other interior applications areas prone to high-humidity. 

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What Is Moisture Resistant MDF? 

Moisture Resistant MDF is a specialised iteration of the conventional MDF, specifically engineered to resist moisture. 

This variation fortifies the inherent qualities of standard MDF with an added layer of protection, rendering it exceptionally suited for applications in damp or humid conditions such as bathrooms, kitchens, outdoor structures, and any environment where exposure to humidity is a concern. 

Formulated with precision, moisture resistant MDF resists the detrimental effects of moisture, including warping, swelling, and deterioration.

Yet, even in its resilience, moisture resistant MDF preserves the hallmark attributes that make MDF an artisan's delight. Its smooth surface and adaptability to various finishing techniques ensure that aesthetics need not be sacrificed for durability. 

Where Is Moisture Resistant MDF Used? 

  • Kitchen furniture 
  • Bathroom furniture 
  • Windowsills and window boards
  • Skirting boards 
  • Door architraves
  • Architectural mouldings
  • Boiler rooms
  • Utility rooms

Moisture Resistant MDF Key Features

  • Smooth surface - facilitates painting, laminating and veneering 
  • Saws, shapes and routs cleanly without splitting or chipping 
  • Panel designed for use in humid environments in accordance with MDF.H1 as defined in EN 622 part 5
  • Highly versatile - wide range of uses from general construction to furniture
  • Can be installed with nails, screws and glues
  • Used for interior applications only
  • Suitable for edge profiling 

Frequently Asked Moisture Resistant MDF Questions

How Does Moisture Resistant MDF Work? 

MR MDF (Medium Density Fibreboard) is a commonly used particle board that is manufactured from high-quality wood fibres (small strands of mixed hard and softwoods) and bonded with a special moisture-repellent resin. 

The synthetic resins employed in the manufacturing process imbue the boards with excellent resistance to wet conditions. 

Compared to alternate moisture-resistant materials, moisture resistant MDF presents an inexpensive solution for both DIY and construction while offering the durability of a moisture-resistant sheet.

Is MR MDF Waterproof? 

Moisture resistant MDF will perform steadily in humid environments and places where there is some moisture present, such as kitchens and bathrooms. However, it is not suitable for exterior use or submergence in water. 

Boards that are sold as water-resistant/waterproof MDF will perform the same as boards described as moisture-resistant - it is simply a different way of describing the same product.

It is important to stress here, that Moisture Resistant MDF is not a waterproof board; it is merely resistant to water and moisture. Therefore, it may be best to use a different material when doing work on exterior areas that are prone to be caught in the elements.

Can You Paint Moisture Resistant MDF? 

MR MDF is excellent at taking to paints and adhesives. Thanks to its free-knot and smooth surface, the sheets can be stained or painted. 

Should your project so require, you can also utilise laminates and veneers.

What Are The Benefits Of Using Moisture Resistant MDF Over Real Wood? 

Moisture-resistant MDF offers many benefits, perhaps the most significant of these is that MDF sheet does not have any natural defects associated with standard wood such as knots, kinks, grains or whorls. It is, therefore, much easier to cut into various shapes and sizes without distortion or warping. 

This makes for much more reliable work and saves time and material wastage during the building process. 

Is MR MDF Environmentally Friendly? 

Due to the fact that moisture-resistant MDF is made from recycled materials, it is a highly sustainable material. It is manufactured primarily from wood fibres, shavings and other "off-cuts" of wood that usually would be discarded. 

Is All Moisture Resistant MDF Green

Here in the UK, moisture-resistant MDF will have a green hue on smaller boards. Not all MDF boards are moisture-resistant so this colouration is solely for identification purposes and isn't reflective of the production method.

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