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Are you tired of uneven surfaces and imperfections marring the beauty of your walls and ceilings? Look no further than Gyproc Plasterboard. At the heart of Gyproc's offerings lies the expansive collection of Gyproc Plasterboard, a diverse range of high-performance materials designed to cater to every construction need. From new constructions to renovations, Gyproc Plasterboard offers the ultimate solution for achieving flawless finishes and elevating the aesthetics and functionality of any space. Gyproc further ensures its versatility with tapered edge and straight edge options available. 

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What Is Gyproc Plasterboard? 

Gyproc Plasterboard is a premium line of plasterboard products known for their exceptional quality and versatility. 

These gypsum-based boards are crafted to cater to a wide range of applications, making them suitable for various construction projects. 

You can find them in both tapered and square edge designs, as well as a variety of customised sizes.

Gyproc Plasterboard Applications

Whether you're working on walls, ceilings, floors, partitions, or encasements, Gyproc Plasterboard offers the ideal solution to achieve outstanding results.

Offering standard and performance boards, Gyproc Plasterboard is suitable for use with most applications, namely Gyproc partition, wall lining, and ceiling systems. 

Where basic fire, structural, and acoustic levels are required, we recommend using Gyproc Wallboard. 

Gyproc's standard boards are easily recognisable by their ivory paper face - a canvas suitable for direct decoration or plaster finish. 

In contrast to standard performance boards, Gyproc's performance boards boast a range of colours for easy identification, each signifying unique properties and enhanced features. 

Gyproc Plasterboard Range 

Here at Materials Market, we stock the following Gyproc Plasterboard Products: 

  • Gyproc FireLine - Critical component in construction designed to enhance the safety and fire protection of buildings. 
  • Gyproc SoundBloc - Achieves exceptional noise reduction is achieved through a unique glass-fibre infusion and a higher-density core.
  • Gyproc Duplex - Brings together two essential elements - vapour control and plasterboard lining - into a single solution.
  • Gyproc Wallboard - Ideal for drylining a wide range of internal wall and ceiling applications, providing standard levels of fire, structural, and acoustic performance. 
  • Gyproc Moisture Resistant - Designed to combat the challenges posed by moisture and dampness. 
  • Gyproc Plank - Optimal canvas for direct decoration or the application of a Thistle plaster finish. 

If it's insulated plasterboard you're after, take a look at our designated Insulated Plasterboard page for delivery availability. Here, we stock a wide range of performance boards designed to reduce energy bills and improve comfort. 

Frequently Asked Gyproc Plasterboard Questions

Is Gyproc The Same as Plasterboard?

The confusion between Gyproc and plasterboard stems from the misinterpretation of terms. 

Gyproc is a branded type of plasterboard produced by the Gyproc company, while plasterboard serves as the generic name for gypsum-based construction boards. 

Understanding these nuances can empower homeowners and professionals to make informed decisions when selecting construction materials for their projects.

Can Plasterboard Be Painted Without Skimming?

Certainly. Painting plasterboard is incredibly convenient since you can directly apply paint without much preparation. 

The only step required beforehand is to cover any joints and holes resulting from fixings.

What Happens If Gyproc Gets Wet?

If Gyproc plasterboard becomes saturated, such as from burst water pipes or flooding, it's typically wise to opt for replacement. 

When the paper gets drenched or starts to decay, it can compromise the board's strength and disrupt its structural integrity. Therefore, it's crucial to address this concern in order to maintain the plasterboard's resilience and stability.

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