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Gyproc Wallboard is a classic gypsum plasterboard that offers a quick alternative to traditional construction methods when drylining internal surfaces. Available in both tapered and straight edge forms, Gyproc Wallboard boasts a smooth surface that serves as a suitable basis for direct decoration or a thistle plaster finish - your ticket to flawless walls and ceilings. 

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What is Gyproc WallBoard?

British Gypsum Gyproc WallBoard is a high-quality plasterboard designed for a wide range of applications. 

Available in tapered and square edge, it is suitable for use with Gyproc partition, wall lining, and ceiling systems where basic fire, structural, and acoustic levels are required. 

The board consists of an aerated gypsum core firmly bonded to strong paper liners.

Gyproc WallBoard Applications

Gyproc WallBoard can be effortlessly attached to both timber and metal partitions using mechanical fixings in either single or multiple layers. 

Additionally, it can be secured to various brick and masonry backgrounds by utilising Gyproc DryWall Adhesive.

  • Direct Decoration or Plaster Finish: Gyproc WallBoard can be used for direct decoration or receive a Gyproc plaster finish, providing flexibility in design and aesthetics.
  • New and Existing Backgrounds: This plasterboard offers a fast and effective solution for lining new and existing backgrounds in various buildings and applications.
  • DIY-Friendly: Its simple installation makes it perfect for DIY enthusiasts, enabling hassle-free projects.

Please note that prior to installation, holes for switch or socket boxes should be accounted for.

Gyproc WallBoard Benefits

  • Lightweight: Gyproc WallBoard is now lighter, maintaining its exceptional performance and strength while being easier to handle.
  • Fire, Structural, and Acoustic Performance: It offers a basic level of fire, structural, and acoustic performance, ensuring safety and comfort in various settings.
  • Noise Reduction: By using the board in multiple layers, Gyproc WallBoard helps make spaces quieter, controlling unwanted noise.
  • Fire Resistance: It resists fire, providing valuable extra time for evacuation in case of emergencies.
  • Smooth Surface: The board offers a smooth surface ready for finishing, streamlining the decoration process.
  • Recyclable: Committed to sustainability, Gyproc WallBoard is fully recyclable, reducing its environmental impact.

Gyproc Wallboard Product Standards

  • EN 520: 2004, A1: 2009 Gypsum plasterboards, definitions, requirements and test methods
  • Thermal Conductivity : 0.190W/mK

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Frequently Asked Gyproc Wallboard Questions

Can Gyproc WallBoard Be Used For Both New & Existing Surfaces?

Absolutely, This versatile plasterboard is suitable for lining both new and existing backgrounds, making it ideal for various building projects.

How Does Gyproc WallBoard Contribute To Fire Safety?

Gyproc WallBoard provides a basic level of fire resistance, offering valuable time for evacuation in case of fire emergencies.

Can I Use Gyproc WallBoard To Reduce Noise In A Room?

Yes, definitely. By using the board in multiple layers, Gyproc WallBoard helps control unwanted noise, making spaces quieter and more comfortable.

Is Gyproc WallBoard Easy To Install For DIY Projects?

Absolutely! Its fast and simple installation process makes it a great choice for DIY enthusiasts and professional builders alike.

How Can I Dispose of Gyproc WallBoard Sustainably?

Gyproc WallBoard is fully recyclable, making it an eco-friendly choice. 

You can dispose of it responsibly by recycling it.

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