Gyproc Moisture Resistant Plasterboard

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Gyproc Moisture Resistant Plasterboard revolutionises interior construction with its exceptional resistance to moisture and humidity. Engineered to combat dampness, it safeguards walls and ceilings in moisture-prone areas, ensuring long-lasting performance and preventing mould growth. Versatile and easy to install, it seamlessly integrates into diverse interior spaces, making it an ideal choice for both new projects and renovations. The tapered edge feature facilitates smooth and almost invisible joints, adding to the sleek finish of interior walls and ceilings. 

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What Is Gyproc Moisture Resistant Plasterboard?

Gyproc Moisture Resistant Plasterboard is a cutting-edge building material, specially engineered to combat the challenges posed by moisture and humidity in interior spaces. 

Its core composition includes an innovative blend of additives that render it highly resistant to water absorption, making it an ideal solution for areas like bathrooms, kitchens, and utility rooms, where moisture levels are higher.

Gyproc Moisture Resistant Plasterboard Applications 

  • Bathrooms: Gyproc Moisture Resistant Plasterboard is the perfect solution for lining bathroom walls and ceilings, effectively combating the high moisture levels inherent in these spaces.
  • Kitchens: In moisture-prone areas like kitchens, this plasterboard provides reliable protection against water and humidity, ensuring the longevity of the interior structures.
  • Utility Rooms: Gyproc Moisture Resistant Plasterboard proves invaluable in utility rooms where appliances like washing machines and dryers generate high levels of moisture.

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