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Gyproc Wallboard Duplex is a cutting-edge foil-backed plasterboard designed to meet the demands of various internal wall and ceiling applications. This high-quality plasterboard seamlessly integrates vapour control and plasterboard lining, making it the perfect choice for projects that require both functionalities.

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What is Gyproc Duplex?

Gyproc Duplex is a state-of-the-art foil-backed plasterboard, meticulously crafted to cater to drylining needs in a multitude of internal wall and ceiling applications. 

The product's dual functionality, combining both vapour control and plasterboard lining, eliminates the need for separate components, streamlining the installation process.

Gyproc Duplex Applications

  • Drylining Wall and Ceiling: Gyproc Duplex is perfectly suited for drylining most internal wall and ceiling applications where the simultaneous integration of vapour control and plasterboard lining is necessary.
  • Direct Decoration or Plaster Finish: This versatile plasterboard allows for both direct decoration and plaster finish, providing flexibility to meet various interior design preferences.

Gyproc Duplex Benefits

  • Effortless Identification: Gyproc Duplex boasts a foil backing, ensuring easy identification on-site, enhancing productivity and efficiency during construction.
  • Tapered Edge Finish: Ideal for achieving a flawless and continuous surface, especially in applications where direct decoration is preferred.
  • Outstanding Sustainability: Gyproc Duplex proudly achieves an 'Excellent' rating under BES 6001, attesting to its commitment to sustainability and environmental consciousness.

Gyproc Duplex - Thicknesses and Availability

Gyproc Duplex is available in two thicknesses, providing flexibility in application:

  • 12.5mm thickness
  • 15mm thickness

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