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Timber fence posts are vertical wooden supports that are used to anchor and secure fence panels in place. They are a popular choice for fencing projects due to their natural appearance, affordability, and versatility. We stock a host of lengths and pack sizes to cater to a range of landscaping projects. 

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What Are Wooden Fence Posts? 

Fence panels rely on wooden fence posts for structural support and stability. These posts are buried at regular intervals in the ground to hold the panels in place and add reinforcement.

An attractive yet functional feature of any fence, timber fence posts are highly versatile and suitable for use with most types of fence panels. 

Timber fencing posts have multiple uses and are favoured by some due to their appearance over concrete posts.

They can be utilised for post and panel applications by directly attaching panels and gravel boards (if needed) through screws or nails onto the post. Another option is to form a slot on the post by using 'U' shaped brackets.

We stock timber posts in various sizes and offer a range of length options to suit a host of projects. 

Timber Fence Posts Key Features & Benefits

  • Pre-treated wood to prevent fungal and insect attack
  • Suitable for use with most types of fence panels
  • Designed to withstand the elements
  • Achieves a familiar rustic aesthetic

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Timber Post Installation

Installation of timber fence posts typically involves digging a hole and setting the post into a concrete footing, which provides a stable foundation for the post to anchor into. 

The post is secured in place with metal brackets or wire, and the concrete is allowed to cure for several days before fence panels are attached.

Frequently Asked Wooden Fence Posts Questions

What's The Difference Between Treated Timber And Non-Treated Timber?

Simply put, untreated timber is as it sounds; it is not treated with preservatives or chemicals. This makes it a more "natural" solution. 

Treated timber, on the other hand, is treated with chemicals and preservatives to make it last longer and protect it from rot, wear, and pests.

Our treated timber fence post products are pressure treated using Tanalith E, producing tanalised timber. Dried Timber has been dried to specifically reduce moisture content.

Here at Materials Market, all of our timber is treated with preservatives, kiln dried, and then planed all around to give it eased edges that make it easier to handle.

What Are Slotted Fence Posts? 

Slotted fence posts allow for a quick and simple installation process, eradicating the need for panel clips, nails, brackets, and other fixings. 

This is due to the fact that its deep grooved design allows it to simply slot in between the beams.

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