• What Is Pink Plasterboard Used For?

    | by Holly Wood

    The question “What is pink plasterboard used for?” leads us into an intriguing exploration of a versatile construction material that finds extensive applications in modern buildings.

    This blog post will break down the many attributes of pink plasterboard and shed light on why it has become an essential choice for contractors, architects, and homeowners alike.

    Introduction to Pink Plasterboard

    Pink plasterboard has become a favourite choice for contractors, architects, and homeowners alike.

    Its distinct coloured pink paper gives it a recognisable appearance, but it’s the range of properties that truly sets it apart.

    Beneath its pink exterior lies a matrix of materials, including glass fibre, which significantly bolsters its strength and fire resistance.While many might be initially taken aback by its unexpected colour, pink plasterboard is serious business.

    Its infusion with glass fibre makes it a particularly robust option for walls and ceilings, providing not only enhanced structural integrity but also notable fire-resistant qualities. This ensures that spaces are not just stylish, but safe.

    In essence, when you opt for pink plasterboard, you’re choosing a powerhouse blend of aesthetics and functionality, made even more formidable by the inclusion additives and glass fibre in its core.

    There are three main manufacturers of fire-rated plasterboard in the UK; Knauf Drywall, British Gypsum and Siniat.

    Key Properties

    • Fire Resistance: Commonly referred to as fire board, pink plasterboard withstands high temperatures and thus offers high fire resistance performance.
    • Moisture Resistant: Suitable for humid conditions without affecting its fire resistance.
    • Thermal Insulation: Enhanced thermal conductivity through mineral fibres and an aerated gypsum core.
    • Acoustic Features: Acts as acoustic plasterboard, providing soundproofing.

    Why Is Using Pink Plasterboard Essential?

    Utilising fire plasterboard is crucial because it prioritises fire protection, especially in areas vulnerable to fire hazards.

    Integrating fire protection with the core structural elements of a building significantly minimises the potential of severe damage during a fire.

    For instance, walls with timber stud partitions are more prone to ignite compared to those with metal studs. Using fire-rated plasterboard mitigates the risk of fire propagation via timber studs within partitioned walls.

    Notably, its application isn’t limited to timber; it’s equally effective on masonry walls.

    For internal walls and ceilings, the prevalent choice is either a 30 or 60-minute fire-rated board.

    What Is The Fire Rating of Pink Plasterboard?

    The efficacy of fire-rated plasterboard, including pink plasterboard, is gauged by the time it can resist fire before succumbing to flames. It’s crucial to understand that pink plasterboard isn’t completely fireproof; rather, it is fire-resistant. This means it temporarily halts a fire, rather than preventing it entirely. To add additional fire protection, it is often wise to pair it with other products, like A1 non-combustible insulation.

    • When you use two layers of 12.5mm fire plasterboard in a partition or ceiling, you can expect up to one hour’s worth of fire protection.
    • If a partition incorporates two layers of fire-rated plasterboard on both sides, this setup will extend the fire resistance up to two hours.

    Always consult with an architect or a knowledgeable professional to accurately determine the level of fire protection needed for your specific building.

    Benefits of Pink Plasterboard

    Fire-rated plasterboard wears many hats and is known by various names such as fire-resistant plasterboard, fireproof plasterboard, fire board, or even pink plasterboard, thanks to the colour of its paper face.

    Let’s explore some of its benefits below.

    Fire Protection

    Pink plasterboard offers various levels of fire performance, ranging from fire resistant plasterboard to completely fireproof plasterboard. Its ability to resist fire adds to the overall fire safety of the structure.

    To boost safety measures, consider coupling A1 non-combustible insulation with fire-resistant plasterboard to add additional fire protection.

    Superior Fire Resistance

    The fire rated plasterboard variant offers superior fire resistance and additional fire protection, meeting various building regulations and standards.

    Moisture Resistant

    While fire plasterboard resists fire, it is also boasts moisture resistance. This quality suits it for use in areas prone to humid conditions.

    This being said, it is not a waterproof plasterboard.

    High Performance in Various Spaces

    From commercial spaces to shopping centres, pink plasterboard ensures high performance with its fire panel attributes and steel encasement systems.

    Applications of Pink Plasterboard

    Domestic Spaces

    • Domestic Separating Walls: Used to create walls that meet UK building regulations.
    • Walls and Ceilings: Finds application in walls and ceilings.

    Commercial Spaces

    • Shopping Centres: A must-have in shopping centres due to its fire resistant properties.
    • Ceiling Systems and Wall Lining: Versatility in commercial applications, including ceiling systems, wall lining, and more.

    Specialised Uses

    • Thermal and Acoustic Insulation: Acts as both thermal insulation and acoustic plasterboard.
    • Fire Rated Partitions: Suitable for creating fire rated partitions with its fire rating attributes.

    How To Fit Fire Rated Plasterboard – Considerations

    Installing pink plasterboard requires specific methods and considerations.

    • Position Cut Edges: Careful positioning and cutting ensure a flawless finish.
    • Snap Method: Utilising the snap method for proper installation.
    • Install Fixings: Properly installing fixings for sturdy construction.
    • Stagger Horizontal Lines: Ability to stagger horizontal lines for easy installation.

    Find out how to cut and fix plasterboard with our helpful on-site guides.


    Pink plasterboard stands out for its multifaceted applications and benefits.

    Whether it’s the safety features, adaptability, or the high performance it offers, pink plasterboard has become indispensable in today’s construction world.

    It’s more than just a construction material; it’s a testament to innovation and quality in building technology.

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