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Recticel Insulation Board

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In today's energy-conscious world, proper insulation is essential for maintaining comfortable living spaces while minimising energy consumption. When it comes to insulation materials, Recticel insulation boards are a reliable and effective choice. These high-quality insulation boards offer exceptional thermal performance, durability, and versatility, making them a preferred solution for various construction and renovation projects.

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What Are Recticel Insulation Boards? 

Part of the Recticel Group, Recticel is a renowned brand across Europe with a long-standing experience of over 60 years and a history of innovation in the insulation industry.

Among the most reputed of their thermal insulation solutions is Recticel insulation boards.

Recticel insulation boards are high-quality, rigid insulation panels made from polyisocyanurate (PIR) foam. PIR is renowned for its outstanding thermal insulation properties, making it one of the most efficient insulation materials available. 

Recticel's unique manufacturing process ensures that the insulation boards are lightweight, durable, and offer excellent thermal performance.

From Recticel Eurothane to Recticel Plylok we stock an abundance of Recticel boards. 

Recticel Boards Available 

Aside from Recticel, we offer a huge range of insulating materials purposed to keep heat loss at bay all year round and meet all your insulation requirements. 

Browse our comprehensive range of insulation boards from industry-leading names such as Celotex, EcoTherm, and Kingspan

Recticel Insulation Board Applications

Recticel insulation boards are designed for a wide range of thermal and acoustic applications across residential, industrial and commercial buildings. 

Some of the key areas where they can be used include:

  • Roof Insulation: Recticel boards provide excellent insulation for pitched roofs and flat roofs, helping to regulate temperatures and reduce energy consumption.
  • Wall Insulation: These boards can be installed in cavity walls, timber framed walls, or as an external insulation system, significantly improving the energy efficiency of buildings.
  • Floor Insulation: By insulating floors with Recticel boards, be that solid concrete floors (above and below slab), suspended timber floors, block and beam floors or underfloor heating systems, heat loss is minimised. This, thus, leads to lower heating bills.
  • HVAC Duct Insulation: The exceptional thermal properties of Recticel boards make them an ideal choice for insulating heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC) ducts, ensuring minimal energy losses during air distribution.

Recticel Insulation Key Features

  • High-performance insulation products 
  • Zero Ozone Depletion Potential (ODP) and a Global Warming Potential (GWP)
  • Rigid polyisocyanurate (PIR) foam core
  • Low-emissivity aluminium foil facing
  • Thermal Conductivity 0.022 W/mK

Frequently Asked Recticel Insulation Board Questions

What Areas Of The Home Should Be Insulated?

The key areas you should target when tackling home insulation are the roof, loft and exterior walls. 

Since heat rises, your roof and loft are the biggest heat-loss culprits. And as a third of all heat lost from an uninsulated house leaks out through the walls, wall insulation is also crucial when it comes to preventing heat loss and adding comfort to a living space. 

The aim of thermal insulation is to create a thermal envelope around a building so it uses less energy. It's essentially like wrapping a big scarf around the walls and popping a woolly hat on the roof to keep the warmth in. 

Can Recticel Insulation Boards Improve Acoustic Performance? 

Yes, Recticel insulation boards not only regulate temperature but also contribute to sound insulation, creating a quieter and more peaceful indoor environment.

How Do Recticel Insulation Boards Contribute To Energy Savings? 

Recticel insulation boards have excellent thermal insulation properties, minimising heat transfer and reducing the need for excessive heating or cooling. 

This helps to lower energy consumption and ultimately leads to energy savings.

Is Recticel Insulation Waterproof?

Although Recticel insulation can resist moisture, it is recommended to store it in a dry location prior to use. If feasible, avoid storing the boards at ground level as moisture can accumulate and damage the boards.

What Are The Benefits of Using PIR Insulation? 

PIR insulation gives contractors and homeowners the best combination of affordability, availability and thermal performance in one robust material. 

PIR (a widely-used shorthand term for 'polyisocyanurate') is equipped with a few simple properties that make it an excellent choice for a range of insulation needs; it has a closed-cell structure (and is water-resistant thanks to this), is extremely lightweight, and is also rigid.

In short, PIR insulation board is a tough, durable, lightweight insulating board comprising two high-performance aluminium facings sandwiched between a rigid PIR insulation core. 

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