Recticel Powerdeck F Flat Roof Insulation

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Powerdeck F is an advanced flat roof insulation board tailored to meet the demands of both built-up felt and single ply membrane waterproofing systems. Its unique design ensures compatibility with a range of waterproofing systems, while the mineral-coated glass fleece on both sides enhances its durability and finish.

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What Is Recticel Powerdeck F? 

Recticel Powerdeck F is a manifestation of Recticel's dedication to delivering top-notch insulation solutions. 

Embodying innovation, Powerdeck F combines the advantages of thermal insulation with the resilience of a mineral-coated glass fleece surface. 

When you opt for Recticel Powerdeck F, you're investing in efficiency, strength, and cutting-edge roofing insulation technology.

Where is Recticel Powerdeck F Used? 

Powerdeck F has been expertly crafted for:

  • Flat roofs

It's an exemplary choice for professionals in both new construction and refurbishment projects, ensuring optimal performance and a sleek finish.

Recticel Powerdeck F Key Features 

  • Impressive Thermal Performance: With a thermal conductivity range of 0.024 - 0.026 W/mK, Powerdeck F guarantees effective insulation to maximise energy efficiency.
  • Light Weight Design: This feature ensures quicker and more effortless installation, saving both time and labour costs.
  • Broad Compatibility: Powerdeck F is designed to integrate seamlessly with numerous waterproofing systems, offering flexibility and reliability.
  • User-Friendly: Easy handling and straightforward installation processes make Powerdeck F a favourite among installers.

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