Recticel Powerdeck U Flat Roof Insulation

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Powerdeck U stands as a reliable choice for warm flat roof insulation, specially tailored for bituminous torch-on felt waterproofing systems. Designed with meticulous precision and high-grade rigid PIR, it promises both structural integrity and optimal stability. Its easy-to-install nature, coupled with outstanding thermal attributes, makes it a go-to for cost-effective and efficient roofing solutions.

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What Is Recticel Powerdeck U Insulation? 

Powerdeck U is a high-performance rigid PIR insulation board designed for use in warm flat roofs. 

It is compatible with bituminous torch-on felt waterproofing systems and offers structural integrity and stability for a flat finish. 

Uncomplicated installation and efficient thermal performance make Powerdeck U a practical choice for both new builds and refurbishment projects.

Where Is Recticel Powerdeck U Insulation Used? 

The primary application for Powerdeck U is:

  • Flat roofs

Its attributes make it an ideal fit for projects demanding consistent and effective insulation under specific roofing systems.

Recticel Powerdeck U Insulation Benefits 

  • Impressive Thermal Performance: With a thermal conductivity range of 0.024 - 0.026 W/mK, Powerdeck U guarantees effective insulation to maximise energy efficiency.
  • Light Weight Design: This feature ensures quick and effortless installation, saving both time and labour costs.
  • User-Friendly: Easy handling and straightforward installation processes make Powerdeck U a favourite among installers.

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