• What is an MF Ceiling? An Introduction to Suspended Ceilings

    | by Holly Wood

    What is an MF Ceiling? You’re not alone in asking – it’s a common first-time question for many diving into the fascinating world of ceilings.

    Simply put, MF Ceilings (a shorthand way of referencing Metal Frame plasterboard ceilings) represent the epitome of modern ceiling systems, offering unparalleled versatility and flexibility.

    Join us as we explore the intricate world of suspended ceilings and delve deeper into the distinctive features and benefits of the MF ceiling.

    What Is An MF Ceiling System?

    An MF ceiling, often referred to as a Metal Frame plasterboard ceiling, is a type of suspended ceiling system.

    It’s designed using a metal framework to which plasterboard is attached, creating a smooth and seamless finish.

    This system is particularly popular because it allows for versatile design options and can conceal services like wiring and piping, all while providing easy access for maintenance.

    It is commonly used in both new constructions and renovation projects due to its adaptability and ease of installation.

    Primary MF ceiling components

    The system consists of three main parts, a Ceiling Channel (MF5)Perimeter Channel (MF6A) and Primary Channel (MF7). These must be installed in conjunction with each other and they are held together using Metal Furring Clips (MF9).

    1. Primary channel and Perimeter channel: These provide perimeter support and structural strength to the ceiling.
    2. Ceiling channel and Top hat: These form the ceiling framework that holds the plasterboard.
    3. Wafer head screws and Drywall screws: Used for fastening plasterboard to the ceiling channel and for attaching various ceiling components.
    4. Galvanised steel clip: Helps in fixing the plasterboard securely.

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    Benefits of MF Ceiling Systems

    MF ceilings are not just about aesthetics. They pack a punch when it comes to functional advantages too:

    1. Acoustic and Fire Performance: They offer superior acoustic performance, ensuring that sound doesn’t easily travel between floors. Additionally, their fire performance ensures a higher fire rating, providing safety to inhabitants.
    2. Flexibility: With an MF suspended ceiling system, adjustments to ceiling height are simple. Whether you need to lower or raise the ceiling level, MF ceilings provide a blank canvas to work with. Plus, they offer easy access points for maintenance and service routes.
    3. Decorative Finishes: Want a smooth finish? Or perhaps you prefer a seamless finish? With this particular system, you have a range of decorative finishes to choose from.

    Installation of an MF Ceiling

    To install an MF ceiling, a ceiling grid made of grid frames is first fixed to the structural soffit. The plasterboard is then attached to this grid using wafer head screws. After that, the perimeter channel is affixed at the desired ceiling height, ensuring that the ceiling is level.

    The beauty of this system is the range of options it offers. Whether you want to install ceiling tiles for easy access to the ceiling void or prefer a full plasterboard ceiling for a smooth finish, the choice is yours.

    Why Choose an MF Ceiling Over Others?

    1. Versatility: Whether you want a high-performance ceiling with superior acoustic and fire performance or simply desire a new aesthetic, this system has it all.
    2. Bound edge and Cut edge: These allow for a smooth and seamless finish, ensuring that the ceiling not only looks great but also functions optimally.
    3. Wall Lining Solutions: Besides ceilings, you can also use the MF system as a wall lining solution, providing walls with a smooth or even decorative finish.


    In conclusion, when people ask, “What is an MF ceiling?”, the answer is multi-faceted. It’s more than just a ceiling.

    It’s a testament to modern engineering, a blend of function and aesthetics. From its galvanised steel clip to its top hat, every component of the MF ceiling system offers benefits that make it a worthy choice for those seeking high-quality ceiling solutions.

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