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For smooth application and finishes every time, choose Siniat; one of the biggest drylining manufacturers in the UK. As part of the Etex division, Siniat has links with companies across the globe; offering a full range of plasterboards, including both standard and performance boards. These boards are suitable for partitions, ceilings, wall linings and external sheathing purposes and are available in both square and tapered edge, in thicknesses: 9.5mm, 12.5mm, 15mm and 19mm.

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What Is Siniat Plasterboard?

Siniat Plasterboard is a gypsum-based drylining solution that comprises a gypsum core sandwiched between facer and backer paper. Popular as an alternative to wet plaster, Siniat plasterboards are a sturdy construction that is both lightweight and environmentally friendly. 

As one of the leading manufacturers of drywall interior and exterior materials, Siniat offers different boards for wide-ranging building projects. The colour of the board is a guide to their purpose. For example, the Siniat GTEC standard board is an ivory paper-faced plasterboard, whilst the Siniat GTEC Moisture Board is green. The standard size of board available is 2400mm x 1200mm (8” x 4”), although we do sell smaller boards for specialist applications.

What Is Siniat Plasterboard Used For?

Siniat boasts an extensive range of interior and exterior dry construction materials for any type of building construction. There is a multitude of uses for Siniat plasterboard, with its most common application being in partitions, linings and ceilings. 

The Siniat Slabs can also be utilised in: 

  • Building metal and timber stud partitions
  • Direct bond
  • Structural steel framing

Siniat GTEC standard board is the standard product within the Siniat range; this standard plasterboard boasts an ivory paper face which is purposed to receive a plaster finish or direct decoration, such as a painted finish. 

Siniat Plasterboard Performance Boards

Siniat performance boards feature various different facings imbuing the boards with enhanced properties, such as: 

  • Adding to the fire rating of a building (Siniat Fire Board)
  • Helping with sound-proofing (Siniat dB Sound Board)
  • Improving vapour-resistance (Siniat GTEC Vapour Board) 
  • Increasing the moisture resistance in a bathroom or kitchen setting (Siniat GTEC Moisture Board)

How Do I Cut Siniat Plasterboard?

Cutting plasterboard requires only very basic tools. You can just about get away with using only a sharp knife to get through it. There are other tools that can assist you in this process but at a pinch, you can perform the majority of cuts with just a Stanley knife alone. 

Simply take a : 

  • Sharp knife (Stanley knife)
  • A saw
  • A straight edge and tape measure

You can then simply score the boards with a sharp knife and snap them over a straight edge. 

Holes for switch/socket boxes should be considered and cut out before the boards are fixed. 

Always take the proper safety precautions when cutting insulation. We recommend cutting insulation in a clear, open space. You should always wear safety goggles and thick gloves.

Frequently Asked Siniat Plasterboard Questions

Frequently Asked Questions about Siniat Plasterboard

Which Side Of Siniat Plasterboard Should I Plaster? 

The blank side (the side without print that faces into the room) is suitable for decoration.

How Can I Fix Shelves To Siniat Boards? 

We sell fixings that are designed for use with plasterboard. Investing in drywall-purposed fixings allows for greater confidence when hanging shelves, pictures and other fixtures. 

Any hole in plasterboard is permanent and difficult to repair. Therefore, it's essential that you get the correct fixings as they can impact appearance, strength and longevityKnauf Wallboard. 

Who Is Siniat? 

Siniat is a leading manufacturer of drywall products and systems. As part of Etex, a large industrial group, they have extensive knowledge in the construction industry (specifically drywall construction) and create tailored products to aid you in smashing any drylining job. 

Their vast range of boards and metal frame systems combine to create high-performance and efficient solutions tested and certified to meet current building regulations, in even the most demanding projects. For all the supporting certificates, construction methods (how-to guides) and technical and safety data sheets, please refer to our 'Technical Downloads' section.

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