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Celotex TB4000 delivers maximum efficiency in overcoming thermal bridging and can be considered for floor, wall, and roof applications. The 2.4m x 1.2m boards have low global warming potential (GWP) and showcase low-emissivity foil facings on either side, with a thermal conductivity of just 0.022 W/m.K.

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What Is Celotex TB4000? 

Specifically designed to eliminate thermal bridges, TB4000 multi-purpose insulation board is suitable for numerous applications such as roofs, floors and walls. 

The 1200mm x 2400mm boards give improved thermal insulation performance within cavity air spaces with a thermal conductivity of just 0.022 W/m.K, improving the achievable U-value. 

Where Is Celotex TB4000 Used? 

  • Ground Floor - Concrete Slab (perimeter upstand)
  • Ground Floor - Beam and Block (perimeter upstand)
  • Ground Floor - Suspended Timber Joists (perimeter upstand)
  • Ground Floor - Upgrading Existing Concrete Slab (perimeter upstand)
  • External Wall - Timber Frame Internal Linings
  • External Wall - Masonry Cavity Internal Linings
  • External Wall - Solid Masonry Internal Linings
  • Pitched Roof - Below Timber Rafters
  • Pitched Roof - Above Timber Rafters

Celotex TB4000 Benefits 

  • Optimal Thermal Efficiency: Boasts a thermal conductivity of just 0.022 W/m.K, minimising the amount of material needed to achieve desired thermal insulation levels.
  • Versatile Thickness Range: Available in thicknesses from 20mm up to 40mm, accommodating different insulation depth requirements without the necessity for multiple layers.
  • Lightweight and User-Friendly: The panels are designed to be lightweight, with dimensions of 2400mm x 1200mm, simplifying transport, handling, and installation processes.
  • Enhanced Thermal Performance: Features low emissivity foil facing on both sides, improving thermal performance within cavity air spaces and aiding in achieving better U-values.
  • Environmentally Considerate: Achieves a BRE Green Guide A rating, demonstrating a minimal environmental impact and aiding in sustainability goals for construction projects.
  • Certified Quality: Holds BBA certification, ensuring it meets rigorous standards for use in specific roofing, wall, and floor applications when installed according to prescribed guidelines.

TB4000 Fire Classification

Euroclass F Reaction to Fire classification, according to BS EN 13501-1. Products with this level of classification are not provided with a rating for smoke emission.

TB4000 Thicknesses

Frequently Asked Celotex TB4000 Questions

How Does Celotex TB4000 Improve Thermal Performance?

The board's core is designed with a thermal conductivity of 0.022 W/m.K, which minimises the amount of insulation needed to achieve desired U-values. 

Moreover, the low emissivity foil facing enhances thermal performance within cavity air spaces, significantly improving U-values.

Can Celotex TB4000 Be Used in Any Building Type?

While versatile, it's important to consult relevant building regulations and standards, especially regarding fire safety and height restrictions for external walls. 

Celotex TB4000 carries a Euroclass F Reaction to Fire classification, making it unsuitable for use in the external walls of buildings over a certain height.

What Certifications Does Celotex TB4000 Hold?

Celotex TB4000 is BBA certified, ensuring it has been rigorously tested and found suitable for use in defined roofing, wall, and floor applications when installed and maintained according to the certification guidelines.

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