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Our extensive range of underground drainage fittings is engineered to address all your drainage needs, from residential to commercial projects. 

Aside from our many underground drainage products, we stock a comprehensive and cost-effective selection of 110mm drainage pipe fittings including bends, junctions, couplers, and adapters, all designed to meet the needs of both residential and commercial underground drainage projects. Each product in our selection is designed with precision and durability in mind, ensuring your infrastructure stands the test of time and elements.

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110mm Slip Coupler

What Are Underground Drainage Fittings?

Underground drainage fittings serve as essential components of a subterranean water management system. 

They are designed to connect sections of underground drainage pipes and facilitate the efficient and effective removal of excess water from residential, commercial, agricultural, and public areas. 

These fittings are integral to constructing a comprehensive underground drainage system, ensuring that water is channelled away from buildings and landscapes to prevent flooding, water logging, and damage to foundations.

Types of Underground Drainage Fittings 

Here at Materials Market, we stock various pipes and fittings. Our collection features a wide variety of fittings, including but not limited to:

  • Underground Drainage Pipes, Pipe Lengths & Drainage Pipe Fittings: Serve as the primary conduits for water flow. Sewer pipe products facilitate the transportation of sewage and wastewater.
  • Bends and Elbows: Change the direction of the drainage system, accommodating various angles.
  • Junctions and Branches: Allow for the connection of multiple pipes, enabling water from different sources to merge into a single system.
  • Reducers and Connectors: Facilitate connections between pipes of different diameters or materials, ensuring a seamless flow.
  • Access Fittings: Such as inspection chambers and manhole covers, provide access for maintenance, inspection, and blockage removal.
  • Traps and Gully Traps: Prevent odours from rising through the system and catch debris to reduce blockages.

Why Choose Our Underground Drainage Fittings?

  • Versatility: A comprehensive range suited to various applications.
  • Quality: High-grade materials for durability and resilience. We stock both cast iron effect, plastic and 
  • Ease of Use: Simple installation with flexible fitting options that ensure drainage and allow water to flow smoothly.
  • Sustainability: Environmentally conscious products for eco-friendly projects.
  • Compliance: Meets rigorous standards and building regulations for safety and performance.

Frequently Asked Underground Drainage Fittings Questions

How Do Underground Drainage Fittings Prevent Leaks?

Underground drainage fittings are designed with precise engineering to ensure a tight and secure fit between sections of underground drainage pipes. 

These fittings typically include rubber seals or gaskets that create a watertight connection, effectively preventing leaks. 

Proper installation and the use of quality fittings are crucial for maintaining the integrity of the drainage system, ensuring that water is directed away from structures and landscapes without escaping the system.

What Are The Consequences of Not Using the Correct Underground Drainage Fittings?

Using incorrect or poor-quality fittings can lead to leaks, blockages, and eventual system failure. 

This not only compromises the drainage system's efficiency but can also result in property damage, costly repairs, and potential health hazards due to stagnant water and bacteria growth.

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