GTEC Vapour Board

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GTEC Vapour Board stands as a purposeful and innovative solution, meticulously tailored for wall and ceiling lining applications where seamless integration of vapour control with plasterboard is paramount. Distinguished by its single-fix operation, this product seamlessly combines the functionality of plasterboard with a built-in vapour control layer, streamlining the lining process with utmost efficiency.

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What Is GTEC Vapour Board? 

As a reliable and adaptive construction material, GTEC Vapour Board effectively serves as a dependable vapour barrier when applied to wall and ceiling linings. 

Its integrated vapour control layer ensures uninterrupted protection against vapour penetration, making it a valuable asset in projects that prioritise optimal moisture management.

The versatility of GTEC Vapour Board is showcased by its aptness for various settings, making it an ideal choice for lining ceilings in garages, attics, and roofs.

Its performance is further enhanced by its compatibility with Siniat jointing systems, rendering jointing and finishing a seamless endeavour.

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