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Siniat GTEC Plank is a type of plasterboard manufactured by Siniat, designed to serve as an acoustic mass solution for soundproofing applications. This plasterboard is 19mm thick, measuring 2.4 meters in length and 0.6 meters in width. Its primary purpose is to reduce sound transmission in partitions and separating floors, making it an ideal choice for enhancing acoustic performance in various construction projects.

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What Is GTEC Plank? 

Siniat GTEC Plank stands as a reliable and practical plasterboard product, offering seamless integration of acoustic mass and plasterboard for superior soundproofing capabilities in interior construction projects.

Siniat GTEC Plank offers the convenience of easy installation and comes in a 600mm width, which aids in the efficiency of the lining process. 

It serves as a cost-effective acoustic solution, effectively dampening sound transmission and improving the overall acoustic environment. 

The product is commonly used in metal stud separating walls as the first layer, as well as in-fill boards or floor systems.

With its commendable fire reaction properties (Fire Reaction Class: A2-s1,d0), Siniat GTEC Plank meets essential safety standards, ensuring a safer construction environment.

Additionally, it is available in a square edge and tapered edge variant, providing versatility in its application.

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