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Are you looking for a smarter, simpler way to keep damp and moisture from infiltrating your structure's building fabric? GTEC Moisture Board provides maximum protection against humidity damage. Boasting specialised moisture-resistant additives in its core and liner, GTEC moisture board defies moisture and improves indoor air quality in kitchens, bathrooms and utility rooms. 

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What is GTEC Moisture Board?

GTEC Moisture Board is a high-performance plasterboard fortified with moisture-resistant additives, ensuring unrivalled protection against moisture damage in areas prone to humidity.

 GTEC Moisture Board Applications

  • Kitchens: Transform your kitchen into a moisture-resistant haven with GTEC Moisture Board.
  • Bathrooms: Elevate your bathroom's defence against humidity and moisture, creating a long-lasting and protected environment.
  • Utility Rooms: Shield your utility rooms from moisture damage, guaranteeing the longevity of your spaces.

 GTEC Moisture Board Benefits

  • Moisture Resistance: Enjoy unparalleled protection in humid areas, thanks to the moisture-resistant additives in the core and liner.
  • Simple Installation: Effortlessly work with GTEC Moisture Board without power tools or dust extraction. A quick score and snap is all it takes!

GTEC Moisture Board Decoration & Plastering

Prior to decorating, it is recommended to apply Siniat Universal Sealer as a primer for the boards. Additionally, before plastering, the boards should be treated with a PVA bonding agent for optimal results.

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