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Introducing GTEC Fire Board – your ultimate fire-resistant plasterboard for stud partitions, wall lining, and ceilings. Achieve an impressive 60 minutes of fire resistance with just a 15mm single layer in Siniat metal stud non-loadbearing partitions. Tried and tested to meet stringent fire standards, it complies with BS EN 520 Types D and F, making it the go-to choice for safety-conscious builders and homeowners alike. 

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What is GTEC Fire Board?

GTEC Fire Board is a specially designed plasterboard, crafted to meet the stringent requirements of areas demanding superior fire resistance.

Compared to standard plasterboard, GTEC Fire Board exhibits increased strength, hardness, and weight, ensuring unparalleled fire performance when integrated into GTEC Drywall Systems.

To give an idea of its fire performance, it obtains a fire resistance of 60 minutes using a single-layer 15mm Siniat in metal stud non-loadbearing partition system.

What's more, its unique pink front and grey back colouration, along with tapering on the long edges, distinguishes it from conventional plasterboards.

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GTEC Fire Board Applications

  • Stud Partitions: GTEC Fire Board is the ideal choice for constructing fire-resistant stud partitions, providing essential fire containment in interior spaces. Its superior fire resistance ensures an enhanced level of safety in critical areas.
  • Wall Lining: Incorporating GTEC Fire Board as wall lining offers vital protection against fire spread, contributing to the overall fire safety of the building. Its robust construction fortifies the walls, elevating the fire resistance of the entire structure.
  • Ceiling Systems: When utilised in ceiling systems, GTEC Fire Board adds an extra layer of fire protection, crucial in safeguarding escape routes and essential structural elements. Its enhanced strength and durability make it an indispensable choice for fireproof ceilings.

GTEC Fire Board Benefits

  • Superior Fire Resistance: GTEC Fire Board's advanced composition and specialised design grant it exceptional fire resistance, bolstering the safety of structures and occupants.
  • Enhanced Strength and Durability: Compared to standard plasterboard, GTEC Fire Board exhibits increased strength and hardness, contributing to the overall stability and longevity of the assemblies it forms part of.
  • Compliance with Standards: GTEC Fire Board proudly complies with BS EN 520:2004+A1:2009 Type D & F, assuring adherence to established industry standards.

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