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Introducing the GTEC dB Board – a smart and sturdy acoustic solution. This plasterboard features a distinctive blue front and a neutral grey back, distinguishing it from its sister boards. Compatible with stud partitions, lining systems, and ceilings, GTEC dB achieves noise reduction of up to 45 Rw dB with a single 15mm layer on each side of a partition system. Moreover, this same single layer is capable of achieving 30 minutes fire resistance within a partition system - offering a harmonious blend of acoustic and fire performance. 

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What is Siniat dB Board?

Siniat dB Board is a dense plasterboard engineered for areas where sound insulation plays a crucial role. 

Compared to standard plasterboard, Siniat dB Board exhibits increased strength, hardness, and weight, ensuring unmatched sound insulation performance.

Siniat dB Board Applications

  • Separating Walls and Partitions: Siniat dB Board is the ideal choice for lining separating walls and partitions in residential and multi-occupancy accommodations, including hotels. 
  • Interior Linings: Incorporating Siniat dB Board as interior linings enhance sound insulation, creating serene environments for enhanced living and working experiences.

Siniat dB Board Benefits

  • Impressive Noise Reduction: Siniat dB Board can cut out noise up to 45 Rw dB when used as a single layer on both sides of a partition system.
  • Fire Resistance: Achieve 30 minutes of fire resistance with a single-layer partition system.
  • Regulatory Compliance: Siniat dB Board meets and exceeds Part E building regulations when used as part of Siniat GTEC systems. 

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