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The Superwall range of insulation solutions is a cutting-edge answer for external masonry walls, backed by BBA certification. These products stand out due to their impressive thermal attributes, superior fire performance, and efficient installation procedures.

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What Are Superglass Insulation Slabs? 

The Superglass Superwall series comprises non-combustible, water-repellent glass mineral wool insulation cavity wall batts. 

These batts have earned approval from the British Board of Agreement (BBA). 

The range includes:

  • 100mm Superglass Superwall 36: This flexible batt is specifically cut at 455mm in width, facilitating hassle-free fitting between conventional vertical wall tie spacings. This design choice ensures reduced on-site trimming and waste. The 36 in its title references the product's thermal conductivity. 
  • 100mm Superglass Superwall 32: Similar in design to its counterpart, this batt also measures 455mm in width for simple installations. It's crafted to cater to both new domestic and non-domestic structures. The 32 in its title references the product's thermal conductivity. 

Where Are Superglass Slabs Used? 

The Superwall batts are engineered to provide efficient thermal insulation in masonry cavity walls:

  • Superglass Superwall 36:
    • Suitable for full-fill up to 25m in height.
    • No height limitation in partial-fill, with specific prerequisites for buildings above 12m (full fill) and 25m (partial fill).
  • Superglass Superwall 32:
    • Designed for full or partial fill in fresh external masonry cavity walls in new edifices, both domestic and non-domestic.
    • Can be used up to 25m in height for full-fill applications.
    • No height restriction for partial fill, with certain conditions for edifices surpassing 12m (full fill) and 25m (partial fill).

Superglass Slab Benefits

  • Exceptional Thermal Performance: Designed to meet the rigorous thermal demands of modern structures.
  • Fire Performance: Boasts superior fire resistance, enhancing safety.
  • Water Repellent: Ensures durability by resisting moisture intrusion.
  • Ease of Installation: With 455mm width, these batts ensure easy fitting between standard wall ties, minimizing trimming and waste.
  • Certified Quality: Approved by the British Board of Agreement (BBA) for assurance.
  • Versatile Applications: Suitable for a range of building heights and types.

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