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When it comes to achieving optimal energy efficiency and thermal comfort in buildings, Isover Insulation Slabs stand out as a reliable and effective solution. Engineered by Isover, a renowned manufacturer in the insulation industry, Isover cavity wall insulation offers comprehensive benefits for various construction applications. With its superior thermal performance, excellent acoustic insulation, fire safety attributes, and environmental considerations, Isover Insulation Slab offers a reliable choice for enhancing energy efficiency and creating comfortable indoor environments.

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What Is Isover Insulation Slab? 

Isover Insulation Slab is designed to provide exceptional thermal insulation properties. The high-density mineral wool composition of the slabs helps reduce heat transfer, minimising thermal bridging and preventing energy loss through the building envelope.

In addition to its thermal properties, Isover Insulation Slab also provides excellent acoustic insulation benefits. The fibrous structure of the mineral wool absorbs sound waves, reducing noise transmission between rooms and minimising external noise intrusion.

We stock Isover cavity wall slab CWS 36 & 32.

Isover Cavity Wall Slab Applications 

Both Isover cavity wall slabs that we stock (cavity wall slab 36 and 32) are suitable for application in: 

  • External masonry cavity walls

Isover Cavity Slab Key Features

  • Thermal conductivity of 0.032 W/mK - 0.036 W/mK - excellent thermal performance
  • Meets and exceeds UK thermal building regulations 
  • Helps to decrease energy costs 
  • Manufactured from up to 86% recycled glass
  • Zero Ozone Depletion Potential (ODP) and global warming potential (GWP) of less than 5
  • Designed to fit between standard wall tie spacing
  • Achieves Eurofins Gold certification - the highest accreditation for indoor air quality
  • Manufactured with a water-repellent binder
  • Durable glass mineral wool slab insulation solution 
  • Euroclass A1 fire classification
  • BBA approved

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